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Athletics Identity Standards

ETSU Identity

Color Palette

Colors are as important to a brand as logos, symbols and marks. The proper use of color can bring a brand to life, creating excitement and a memorable association. Blue and gold are the official colors of ETSU and one of the strongest elements of ETSUs visual identity. 

Athletics offers a neutral color palette of black, white and gray. The neutral colors offer flexibility but never replace our primary official colors of blue and gold. 

 Some combination of blue and gold should always be used prominently to help build recognition and association with the university. 

Primary Official Colors

Navy PMS 282 Gold PMS 123                            


Pantone 282 C 

C100 M90 Y13 K68 

R4 G30 B66 


Isacord #3355 

Screen Print PMS 282


Pantone 123 C 

C0 M19 Y89 K0 

R255 G199 B44 


Isacord #0800 

Screen Print PMS 1235


Neutral Color Palette

Black White Grey PMS 429


C75 M68 Y67 K90 

R0 G0 B0 




C0 M0 Y0 K0 

R255 G255 B255 




Pantone 429 C 

C121 M11 Y9 K23 

R162 G170 B173 


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