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University School


Leadership in Literature Syllabus 2019-2020


Ms. Gina Bailiff                                                                    Email:


Course Description:


The Leadership in Literature class is a semester or year-long course available to juniors and seniors.  It is designed for those students who are interested in learning and applying leadership skills through the development of enrichment activities for grades 9-12 at University School. 


Course Requirements:


Course requirements include learning and practicing leadership skills, researching innovative learning opportunities, encouraging student engagement, and creative scheduling for enrichment opportunities. 


Course Overview:


The theme of leadership will be explored through both fiction and non-fiction texts, and may include poetry, short stories, novels, plays, biographies, and articles.  Film and video clips will also be incorporated when applicable.  The MLA Handbook and online stylesheets and tutorials will be used for research-based assignments.





*  Three-ring notebook with assigned tabs

*  Pens and pencils

*  College-ruled notebook paper

*  Classroom handouts and/or notes, and any other supplementary materials



Grading Policy:


Students will access individual grades through the program Parent Portal.  Grading will be done on a total point system; point values are based on the importance and complexity of each assignment.  For example, tests will be worth 100 points, and quizzes, projects, and other assignments may vary.


If a student is absent or needs to check on assignments, it is his or her responsibility to make up missing work in accordance with the deadlines outlined in the syllabus.  If there are questions about an assignment or additional materials that the student needs, arrangements need to be made for a time to come after school.  Instructional time will not be used to do this.


Please see the student handbook for the University School policy regarding cheating and plagiarism.


Late work policy:  Please see the Policy for High School English Department which is posted on the web page.  This is extremely important to your child’s success.




Electronic Devices: 


Electronic devices may occasionally be used for class assignments, projects, and activities.  These are allowed to be used in class only when the teacher has given permission to do so.  Students using an electronic device without permission are subject to the consequences outlined in the student handbook.


Classroom Expectations:


* Be on time to class and seated when the bell rings.

* Be prepared for class.  You will not be allowed to return to your locker once class begins.

* You are responsible for and expected to give your very best work.  In order to be successful       in this class, you will be expected to complete all homework and class assignments.

* Be fully present in class.  Listen actively and engage in the learning process.

* Respect the dignity and worth of every person in the classroom.  This includes your peers,   your teacher, and the perspectives of those individuals studied in class.  Use “I” statements in class discussion.

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