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University School



Daybook Grading 1-1


  1. Write three things about yourself.  One must be a lie.
  2. Divide the page into two columns.  One side title "Things I Like About USchool."  The other: "Things I Don't Like About USchool."  Now write in at least three options for each column. 


  1. The Cubing Exercise and final step rough draft.


Your story or poem needs to include this line, either at the beginning, the end, or somewhere in between:  "...but if anyone asks, tell them we're fine."


Brainstorm for your mystery story:  Three headings:  Characters, Setting, and Clues.


Unsolved Case File No. 33688957


Which would you rather have, a rewind button for your liffe or a pause button?  Make your case for your choice or explain what you would do with it.  Narrative Option:  tell a story in which a character gets to have a pause button or a rewind button (or gets to make that choice).


Pick a famous scene from history or a favorite fictional scene and retell the story adding lightsabers.

Daybook Grading 1-2


THE TEACHER MACHINE:  Students, you can now program the perfect teacher just for you. Just punch in the important features you want the teacher to have, and the machine pops out that exact teacher. What are you going to tell the machine? For you, what would the perfect teacher be like? Personality? Interests? Classroom? Make sure you give plenty of reasons to support your opinion of what makes the perfect teacher. 


Begin creating your graphic organizer for And Then There Were None


In your opinion, what animal do you think best represents who you are?  Make sure you give plenty of reasons to help make your case.


Who is/are your suspect(s)?  Why?


Focus freewrite on your experience with the solar eclipse.


"All these kids are icebergs, we only see the tip."--a character on the show Castle

How are you like an iceberg? How much do people really know about you? How much do you think you really know about others? How does this explain your friends, or those you are around, even those who are in charge of you?


four elements of an effective title along with two things to avoid and hints for creating the perfect title


WRITE THIS:  Instructions for getting a complete stranger to smile.

Daybook Grading 2-1


  1. What is/are your greatest fear(s)?  focus freewrite on your greatest fear(s) and why it, or they, are so scary.
  2. As children, we delight in ghost stories told in the dark.  As adults, we read books or see movies that we know will scare us.  Why?


3. What Ifs


4.  Predict what Richard will do with the word processor now that he knows what it can do.  Why do you think he will use it in this way?


5.  Continue "The Reaper's Image" story with an additional episode.


6.  Possession


7.  T-chart of Ichabod's likes and dislikes

8.  Explain what you think actually happened to Icabod.  Use specific references from the text to back up your choice.


9.  Define "Christmas Spirit" and explain how one full of Christmas Spirit acts towards others.

10.  In what ways do you think that today's "Christmas Spirit" may be different from the Christmas Spirit of Dickens' time?  How has the tone of Christmas changed?


11.  What would your chain be?  Identify five things that symbolize you and explain what each item says about you and why it should be on your chain.



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