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Advanced Placement United States History Syllabus 2010-2011

Mrs. Jessica Lee Bragg

My blog is updated daily during the work work and once over the weekend. You can go here for a description about what we cover each day in class and other assignments or projects. I will also post relevant current events that students should be aware of as "history is being written".


423-737-0856 (if you have a question you can text me)


 Congratulations for committing to a difficult but rewarding class. Successful completion this class allows to not have to take TWO college classes; however there is not a history college class as comprehensive as AP US History. I am responsible for guiding you through an immense amount of US history, from pre-history to the present. That being said, you must understand that enrollment in this class requires more reading each night than some of you might be used to. I would approximate that you must read at least30-45 minutes every night, not including any additional assignments for this class. In order for you to be ready for the exam on May 6th, we must complete at least one chapter every week. For a better understanding of the workload, please discuss with several of my students from last year. The work for this class is strenuous, but definitely do-able, even for busy teenagers!

Grading system

I do not use weighted grades. I assign points according to the importance of each assignment. For example, all tests are worth 100 points, homework assignment can range from 10-40 points, projects may be worth 50-75 points, etc. This may seem confusing when trying to average your grades, but it clearly shows how important each assignment is to your final grade for the class.


For each chapter you must complete the supplementary worksheets found in your student workbooks, excluding the essay questions. These are due on the day of the test of that chapter. Last year students greatly expressed their helpfulness in review of each chapter. These worksheets are worth 80 points.

I will assign other types of assignments during the year that encourage analytical examination of the time period we are studying.

All assignments for the class will be posted each week on my website. (I will have this updated in the next week.)

You will be able to access your grades on This will be updated weekly.

Code of conduct

During our class discussions showing disrespect to classmates will not be tolerated. At times we will be discussing controversial topics that will require a level of respect for all persons.

Late policy

You have as much time to make-up work as time you were out of class to receive full credit. The next day is the last day I will accept work, giving you a maximum of 70%.


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