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University School


July 22, 2019

Dear First Grade parents,

          Welcome to Homework and Planners!  Tonight your student has our very first homework assignment for the year.  It is one page of math.  You will find the assignment written by your student in the planner on today’s date.  You will find the math page in the “Return to School” side of the folder.  This is where homework materials will always be.  We are learning very specific procedures for packing our folders and writing in our planners. 

Your student should feel confident and be able to complete this work because it is based on the skill we practiced in class this morning.  If it does not come easily, then together you can refer back to today’s completed classwork which is in the “Keep At Home” pocket of your child’s folder.  Once your child has completed the page, please initial the appropriate box in the planner.  Tonight you will initial in the yellow Monday box.  Tomorrow you will initial the purple Tuesday box., etc.  There is no homework on the weekend, but folders will go home and need to come back empty on Monday.   

          Please empty and look through the “Keep at Home” side of the folder nightly.  The amount of paper varies from day to day but it can pile up fast and make folder-management an issue for your student. 

          I hope that homework is a way for you and your child to spend quality time together as well as a vehicle to practice developing skills.  There is a place in the planner for parent-teacher communication and you can jot any homework questions or concerns you have in there and I will answer them.

Here is a little trick I have learned…if you need to let me know about something you do not necessarily want your first grader to worry about, write me a note in cursive!  They can’t read it, but I can! 


Happy Monday!




Beginning Monday, August 29th, your child will bring home a sight word workbook for homework.  Complete directions will be stapled inside the front cover and I will attach a copy of that document to this e-mail for your reference.  The book is the only thing you will need to send back to school each day.  The workbook activities will require a pencil, scissors, and tape or glue.  We can send those home if the cost is a burden.  Just send me a note in the folder and we will take care of it.   Our goal is to become 100% fluent with this word list.  

Sight Word Homework

When sight word books come home, your child’s job is:

  • Choose any two sight words in the book.
  • Complete the activities on the selected pages.
  • Turn to page one and check off the two boxes for the words you completed.
  • Choose any two activities from the back cover to practice your words 2 more times.
  • Remember your words.

Parents can help by:

  • Reviewing the words already practiced using the techniques on the back cover.
  • Helping your child read the words and phrases on pages 95 and 96.
  • Keeping a list of the words your child has learned and practicing a few minutes each evening.

Sight word goal:  100% fluency   

Ms. Noell's Grading Policy

First graders are assessed in the areas of personal and social development, literacy, math, social studies, and science.  In lieu of grades, a narrative report is prepared every quarter in which a student's individual progress is communicated along with information regarding benchmarks, expectations, and topics of inquiry.  Student work samples, photographs, anecdotal records, and other data are collected throughout the year for assessment purposes. 

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