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Happy Mole Day!  On October 23rd, all chemists and chemistry students celebrate Mole Day ( no not the animal mole).Mole Day commemorates Avagadro’s number 6.022*1023 which is a basic unit of measurement in Chemistry. Some of Ms. Chakraborty's AP Chem students shared a mole of food.  

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Mole Day

Mole Day

Mole Day

Mole Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated among chemists and chemistry students on October 23, between 6:02 AM and 6:02 PM, making the date 6:02 10/23 in the American style of writing dates. The time and date are derived from Avogadro's number, which is approximately 6.021023, defining the number of particles (atoms or molecules) in one mole of substance, one of the seven base SI units.

Mole Day originated in an article in The Science Teacher in the early 1980s.[4] Inspired by this article, Maurice Oehler, now a retired high school chemistry teacher from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, founded the National Mole Day Foundation (NMDF) on May 15, 1991.[4]

Many high schools around the United States, South Africa, Australia and in Canada celebrate Mole Day as a way to get their students interested in chemistry, with various activities often related to chemistry or moles.  (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


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