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University School


Homework PolicyHomework will be given nightly Monday-Thursday. The homework sent home should not require more than thirty minutes of independent work time. Please allow students an opportunity to work on their own, but provide assistance or guidance when needed. The homework assigned will provide practice on the skills we are learning in class. Please let me know if a student is having difficulty completing an assignment so that I can address it during instruction or work with the student on an individual basis to provide additional support.

I believe in third grade students should also read nightly at home. I recommend at least 15 minutes per night. If students are in need of reading material, they are welcome to check out books from our class library.  

Third graders will complete an occasional project that will require additional time spent at home preparing and completing.

Typical Homework Routine:

Math assigned nightly

Alternate Weeks between Wordly Wise and Spelling

Wordly Wise:

Monday-Illustrate words and complete sentences

Tuesday-Exercise 1B, 1C, and  occasionally 1D (1A is done in class)

Wednesday-Exercise 1E

Thursday-Review Worksheet or Puzzle in book

Friday-Wordly Wise test in class


Monday-C, D

Tuesday-E, F

Wednesday-G, H

Thursday-Review for test

Friday-Test in class



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