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University School


Newsletter, August 5, 2019

Hello families,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I apologize for not sending a weekly update last week.  I try to send an update each week, but time got away from me last week!  Picture day is on Wednesday, August 7.  I will be taking a personal day on Friday, August 9 so the class will have a substitute. 

Current Units of Study:

Math: We are reviewing addition and subtraction using the standard algorithm.  We worked on estimating sums last week and will introduce estimating differences this week.  We will take our first math test next week on August 13.  It will cover rounding, addition, and subtraction. 

Social Studies: We learned about latitude and longitude and time zones last week.  This week we will begin to study physical features such as landforms and bodies of water as we continue in our geography unit.

Science: We investigated physical properties of mystery substances last week in class.  This week we will discuss physical and chemical changes and discuss the changes caused by heating or cooling that can be reversed and those changes that cannot be reversed. 

Language Arts:  We are continuing to practice our RACE (responding to text) strategy in our reading stations.  We will begin to discuss character traits in fiction texts later this week.   We learned about adjectives last week in grammar and are working on adverbs this week.  We learned the cursive strokes and the lowercase letter i and t in handwriting.  This week we will begin to generate story ideas for a personal narrative and complete lesson 2 in our Wordly Wise books.  We will take a Wordly Wise test on Friday, August 9. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I will be working on a sign-up sheet for parent teacher conferences later this week.  Bloomz does have a feature that should allow me to send that out quickly and easily.  If you have not been able to join Bloomz, please see the Bloomz Instructions.  You do not have to download the app, my husband receives the texts for our son because he does not want another app on his phone. 

If I need to make any corrections to the class email list, let me know!

Mrs. Doran

Class of 2029 on Bloomz
Newsletter, July 24, 2019

Hello families,

We are having a great week of learning in third grade! If you have not yet signed up for Bloomz, our access code is P463VK.  I sent out some pictures today after we had two ETSU basketball players come read to our class! This was an awesome experience!

We started our Wordly Wise vocabulary program in class this week.  We will complete this 3-4 times per quarter.  We work in the book in class and at home.  We complete 1a in class.  Our test over the words will usually be on Friday in class.  The typical homework schedule for Wordly Wise is:

Monday-Illustrate your words and write 4 sentences using one Wordly Wise word in each sentence

Tuesday-b, c, and sometimes d


Thursday-review for the test

I know that life gets busy and if you know that you have a busy week ahead, your child can work ahead a bit in the lesson.  I do ask that the whole lesson not be completed in one night so that the words are still familiar to your child on Friday.  Please do not move to the next lesson until we are studying that lesson in class. 

We developed our class rules last week.  They are:

Work hard while having fun

Be safe

Be kind and respectful

Be responsible

Give personal space when needed


Current Units of Study:

Math: Rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred.  The students are doing a great job rounding two and three digit numbers.  Rounding larger (4-6 digit numbers) to the nearest ten and hundred is a bit tougher, but your child is working hard with this new skill! This will help us tremendously as we estimate in our next unit.  One way to help at home is to round money and measurements.  You can ask questions such as: Bedtime is in 27 minutes, how many minutes is that rounded to the nearest ten?  The movie is 135 minutes long.  Round the movie to the nearest ten? Nearest hundred? 

Language Arts: We are learning about action verbs, paragraph writing, and using a strategy for citing text evidence from our reading.  We are learning the strategy RACE (Restate the question, Answer all parts of the question, Cite evidence from the text, Explain your evidence).  We also briefly got out our cursive workbook to begin cursive.  I plan to have the students work more on this later this week. 

Science: We are learning about physical properties of matter such as mass, texture, shape, length, mass, temperature, volume, state, hardness, and flexibility. 

Social Studies: We have reviewed geographic tools such as a compass rose, map scale, map legend, and coordinates.  We will begin learning about absolute and relative location later this week.  This will include studying latitude and longitude and time zones. 

Technology: We continue to grow with our typing, coding, and digital citizenship in technology.

I entered a few grades in PowerSchool last week and will enter more this week.  I typically send home graded work on Friday in the student’s folders. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I look forward to working together this school year.

Erin Doran

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