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University School


Please Return Library Books

Middle and High School Students:  

Please begin returning your library books to the library.  Middle and High School Students may check books out over the summer break after checking with Mrs. Knight and receiving Summer Book Checkout Permission.  All other books are due back by May 21.  Seniors must return all books by May 21. 





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University School Library 

Our school library program is up and running. Check out is available at this time, though returned books have a cleaning and 3 day turn around.  The library webpages will be updated with information for students. Please take a look and enjoy the activities offered. You may request books through email or come to the library to check out books on the days you are in the building.

"Ah, how good it is to be among people who are reading."                                   Rainer Marie Rilke (German poet)

The mission of the University School Library is to ensure that students and faculty are effective users of ideas and information in both print and electronic formats. The library staff seeks to

1. provide intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats.

2. provide instruction to student that will stimulate interest in reading, viewing, and using information.

3. work with teachers to design activities that support the classroom curriculum and meet the needs of individual students.

4. work with students from the College of Education to meet the standards for beginning educators in the field of Library Media.

5. encourage a love of reading in students and faculty.

General Information about the Library

Elementary classes and  middle school students have a set library period once or twice a week.  Students may check out books during this time or they may come to the library individually with the permission of their teacher and check out books.  While we do not charge overdue fees, elementary students are encouraged to return or renew their books on a weekly basis. 

High school students do not have a limit on the number of books checked out.  Students at this level may keep books for a month at a time, unless the book is in high demand; then there is a two week limit. 

High School Students: Please remember that if you use Sherrod Library their policies and fines take precedent over our policies. They do have fines and they do have a replacement fee.

Please consider what you are printing before you print.  Do you need color?  Is this a final document?  Please use black and white when necessary.  Only print in color for when necessary.  If you need help, please see a librarian.  Do not attempt to fix the printers yourself. 

Notes to Parents from the Librarian

For students in the primary grades, I work to help them understand how to choose books they might want to read or have read to them.  Often young children will find books on topics they are interested in but the reading level is above their independent reading.  This is a good opportunity to sit and read with your child and talk about their interest in the subject.   Children choose books to read for a variety of different reasons.  It often has as much to do with their developmental level as it does with their interest level. 

Sometimes children will pick a book because they have been exposed to the characters in a lesson or a read aloud book, others hear a friend say it is a really good book, while others might be attracted to the artwork in the book or even the picture on the cover.   Many books which are labeled Easy Books have a sophisticated vocabulary and theme.  They are wonderful books, but perhaps too difficult for a beginning reader.  Again this is an opportunity for your child to listen to good literature to begin to understand the fluency and flow of words- and to hear stories with deeper meaning because of the vocabulary.  Hearing a story being read is an important skill in learning to read.  The connections between listening and reading are strengthened. 

Choosing a book to read is a skill that develops over time.  It includes the ability not only to pick books that are on ones reading level but also on ones interest level.   As an , how many times have you chosen a book you thought you might enjoy only to put it down after the first couple of chapters?   Children are no different.   The library staff encourages students to explore a wide variety of books and magazines throughout the year to enhance their reading development.

 School Computers

Students are not allowed to be on social sites while using the school computers.  The school computers are to be used for school assignments and research. Students must sit in the middle isle to use the computers.  The library web site has links to the Tennessee Electronic Library for the students to use.  There are a number of online databases and research tools that students can use.   The Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) is a virtual library that students can access from home with an internet connection. TEL provides access to over 400,000 electronic resources, including magazines, scholarly journals, podcasts, videos, e-books, test preparation materials, federal census records, Tennessee primary source materials, and more!  A wide range of information is offered through the  TEL databases, including homework help to new readers, consumer health information, business resources, leisure reading suggestions, current event essays, academic and civil service test preparation help, and genealogy and family history sources.  Use this link to explore these services.   There is also a link on the school library webpage

Remember: 11th and 12th  Grade Students may check out books from Sherrod Library.   All fines and replacement costs charged to university students also apply to University School students.  Outstanding fines must be paid before  students can receive report cards or other records.  Overdue notices are sent through the mail.  Fines do accumulate and are not "forgiven."  Please remember that using Sherrod is a privilege given to University School students.   

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