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 5th Grade Policies and Procedures

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Mrs. Lester’s Policies and Procedures

2017-2018 school year

Welcome back to school! I am thrilled to be your child’s teachers this year! I can’t wait for a great year of new achievements!

Please check my class webpage and school website throughout the year to keep informed on things happening in our classroom and at University School. I will post important information on the class webpage and via email. 

I would strongly encourage you to also read University School’s student handbook. It contains useful information such as dress code, weather policies, and grading information.  It is now located online.


Homework will be assigned nightly, except Fridays (unless a project is due or a test is scheduled for Monday). A typical night of homework will include an assignment in Math, Wordly Wise, or Spelling. Wordly Wise and Spelling will alternate every week. Science and Social Studies will be assigned throughout the week as well. In addition to homework, we expect students to read self-selected reading texts at home. Students will also complete projects, study for tests, and complete additional assignments for homework throughout the year. Your child will receive a planner and is expected to write homework assignments and other important information in them.  They will also receive a homework folder to hold their assignments.  Please check the planner and homework folder nightly.  Keeping their planner up to date and their homework folder organized is each student’s responsibility. Daily homework is due the day after it is assigned (unless otherwise specified).  Students who do not complete their homework will complete their missed work during their recess or free time.

Book Challenge

Over the course of the school year, the students will read a required number of books for a book challenge in English/Language Arts. The books will be genre and project specific. More information about the book challenge will be sent home.

Novel Study Units & Class Library

During the school year we will complete several novel study units. The novel study books are loaned to the students from my class supplies. If a student is to lose one of the novel study books or a class library book, it must be replaced. If class materials are lost or damaged, I will send an email with the title(s) of the material(s) and the cost.  



I use a points grading system in 5th grade. What that means is that homework does not count as much as classwork, and quizzes do not count as much as tests/projects.

For example:

A project or a test may count 50-150 points depending on the content being assessed.

A quiz may count as 30-50 points.

A homework or classwork assignment might be 10-30 points.

Please note these are examples and points may vary from these examples and count for more or less points than the examples given.

University School uses the following grading scale:

93-100=A      85-92=B        75-84=C        70-74=D        Below 70=F

The school uses Parent Connect as our online grading program.  Parents will have access to check their grades in all subject areas.  Mrs. Rea will send out information regarding access and log-in codes in July. 

I do my best to stay up-to-date on grading, but please be patient.  Make up work and/or late work may take longer to be entered into the online gradebook. If you notice an error in the grade book, please send me an email and the grade will be checked.  Grades will come from weekly assessments, quizzes, tests, class assignments, and projects. I send home graded work once a week.  

There will be points deducted off a student’s grade if they forget to put their name on their paper.  Late work will be accepted, but only 1 week past its due date. Late points will be deducted each day it is late. Missing work that is never turned in will result in a zero. Of course, make up work due to students absences will be given adequate time to be made up.

Test/Quiz Corrections

I allow students to make test corrections on all tests (except spelling tests) and quizzes. Students are allowed to correct any score below 75%. The students will have the opportunity to earn points up to a 75% on their corrections. Students will earn ½ credit back on each question missed and earn up to 75% of the points for the assessment.  

Corrections must be made on a Test Correction Form. Each section of the form must be complete to earn credit for the correction. The Test Correction Form must be stapled to the back of the test or quiz.

The assessment must be signed by a parent before it is rescored. I do encourage all students to go over all questions that were incorrect. This helps students understand their mistakes and can help them with future learning.

State Testing

Students will take the TN Ready State Assessment this school year. TN Ready is an important assessment and I pace my curriculum to ensure that we learn what we need to know to be successful on this assessment.

There is more information at the following link.


Please make sure your child is present and ready to learn each day.  However, illness and family responsibilities do occur throughout the year.  If your child is absent, please call or email the front office to let them know and send a note on the day they return to school.  You may also send an email alerting me to your child’s absence. Your child will be given an opportunity to complete make-up work upon return. It is the student’s responsibility to get make up work from me on the day they return.  If you would like to pick up your child’s missing work please contact the office or me via email by 12:00 P.M. This will give me plenty of time to gather your child’s work for the day.  If make up work is requested by 12:00 P.M. it will be sent to the office for pick-up at 3:00. If it is not requested by this time, I might not be able to gather all the materials for that day.


My goal is to establish a learning environment that promotes responsible, respectful, trustworthy, and fair behaviors.  I strive to create an environment that enables all children to be successful and productive learners. I will begin the year with establishing classroom rules. Once the rules have been established, modeled, and revised if needed, students will be responsible for following them.  One thing that may be new this year is conduct slips. We will use a system of conduct points when a student’s behavior is inappropriate. Each conduct slip must be taken home and signed by a parent or guardian. It is expected to be returned within 2 days of receiving the conduct slip. If students do not return it by the 2nd school day, they will be issued another slip. If a conduct slip is given you may receive an email or phone call to discuss behavior in more detail. This is simply to signify parent notification. If a student receives 6 conduct slips in a nine-week grading period all violations will automatically be referred to the Assistant Director for disciplinary action. This could result in a behavior or academic contract, in-school, and/or out-of-school suspension.

School Field Trips

Throughout the school year we will attend several different field trips.  If students have received 6 or more conduct slips or have any missing work/projects in any class, they will not be permitted to attend the trip. The student will remain at school and work on any missing work they haven’t completed or receive alternate learning opportunities.


We love to celebrate birthdays!  Please let me know, at least a day ahead of time, if you would like to bring in a special treat to celebrate your child’s birthday.  We celebrate birthdays during our recess time. Please keep in mind we may have student’s with allergies in the class.  I am more than happy to help pass out invitations to your child’s birthday party as well. I do ask that if invitations are brought to school, that it is for a party in which the entire class or all of one gender is invited to in order to spare hurt feelings. 


The 5th grade students will get picked up through the elementary carline. Students will be called from the cafeteria to the carline for pick up. They will exit from the side door by the parking lot and a teacher will help them to the car.

If your child is getting picked up by an older sibling, they will need to come and get them from the cafeteria. Once that sibling picks them up, it is their responsibility to keep an eye on their younger siblings.


If students have not been picked-up by 3:15, they will go to the office to call/wait. They will wait in the office until someone comes in to pick them up.


E-Reader/tablet policy

Students are permitted to bring E-Readers and/or tablets to school for educational purposes only. Students will be able to use these resources to enhance their learning opportunities, during indoor recess or independent reading times only. Students should only be reading books on their tablets during school hours. All books must be downloaded prior to the school day. If a student chooses to bring an E-Readers or a tablet to school to read books on, it is their responsibility to keep up with their electronic items. If the E-Reader/tablet were to get lost or stolen, it is not the teachers or schools responsibility. If students are misusing their electronics in any way, they will receive one warning. After the initial warning, if the misuse continues, they will no longer be allowed to use their tablet during school hours and a parent will be contacted via email.



I will be communicating with you mainly through email.  Please make sure I have correct email addresses on your email list. The webpage will also be used as a communication tool so please check it regularly. 


I am more than happy to meet with you throughout the school year.  The morning is a very hectic time as I prepare for our day of learning.  Please make an appointment via email or phone so I can give you my full attention.  After school I will not be available until all students have been dismissed.  This is typically at 3:15.  However, faculty and committee meetings occur after school, so it is best to set up an appointment to discuss your child’s progress. 

Snack and Water Bottles

Students may bring a healthy snack (no candy) from home. Students can also have a water bottle in class during the school day. The bottle needs to close (to keep it from spilling) and can only be filled with water. It needs to be translucent in color and plastic. It would also be a good idea to label the bottle with the student’s name.


*Please sign and date the attached form.  Signing the form will indicate that you and your child have read, understand, and agree to abide by my policies and procedures and University School Handbook policies and procedures.  Please include any email addresses you would like included in our group contact list.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the policies.  I know your child will have a successful school year.  I look forward to getting to know you and your child!



Mrs. Lester




The Academy Policies and Procedures

2017-2018 School Year


Please sign and return this page only to Mrs. Lester by Wednesday, July 12th.


*I have read the class information above and understand the policies and procedures stated above.

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*Email Address for class list. Please list all email addresses that you would like to receive class newsletters and information and who they belong too:

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