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Printable Policies and Procedures

4th Grade Policies and Procedures

Welcome to 4th Grade!  I am very excited to work with your child!

Please review and sign the 4th Grade Policies and Procedures as well as the University School Student Handbook.  Both signed pages need to be returned to school.

Parent Communication:

Each week I will upload a parent letter to our website.  I will also send the letter to parents via email each week.  This letter will contain information about curriculum and upcoming events.  I will send home paper copies of the newsletter until the e-mail distribution list is complete.

I typically primarily use e-mail as a communication device with parents.  Please make sure that you have included the correct e-mail on the attached sheet in order to ensure that communication is not an issue.  I am also happy to meet with you at any time throughout the term, I just ask that you arrange an appointment either through e-mail or by calling the office and leaving a message.

I will also be using an app to communicate with you. I will send out more information about how to sign up with the app when school starts.  This will be a good way for me to send you videos and photos of your child at school and communicate with your while we are on field trips.


Students will be assigned nightly homework Monday-Thursday.  Homework is due the morning after it is assigned.  I assign homework to help students practice skills that are learned in class.   In addition to homework, I also expect students to read self-selected texts at home, and study for tests and quizzes at home.  Students will receive a planner to record assignments and other important information along with a homework folder to hold their assignments.  Please check the planner and homework folder nightly for assignments or other information.  I do not usually take homework for a grade, but I do collect, check, and record homework for a completion grade.  Students who do not turn in homework in the morning will be required to complete the homework during recess. Assigned homework should take around 30-40 minutes each night.


As in 3rd grade, your child will receive a letter grade in the following subjects each 9 week term: Math, Reading/Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.  Your student will take the TN Ready Achievement test.

Grading Scale:

93-100=A        85-92=B           75-84=C           70-74=D          Below 70=F

Grades will be recorded in PowerSchool (an online grading system).  I try to stay as up-to-date with grading as possible.  If you see that I have made a mistake in the grade book feel free to e-mail me so I can check on the issue. Grades will come from weekly assessments, quizzes, tests, class assignments, homework completion, and projects.

I typically send graded work home on Friday. I highly suggest looking through graded work with your child rather than solely looking at grades on PowerSchool. I provide feedback on assignments that can be helpful to help students understand what mistakes they made.  It is important to understand that I provide extra teacher support on classwork assignments based on the needs of each child. I do not provide teacher supports on assessments.  Assessment grades are a good indication of what your child can do independently.

I will take points off if student work if it is missing a name.  I do accept late work, but I take points off for each day that the work is late.  Missing work will receive a zero. I also take points off of work when students do not write in complete sentences.

Book Challenge:

            Students will be required to complete a book challenge every quarter.  This assignment challenges each student to read books of varying genres and respond to them in different ways.  It is a large portion of their language arts grade for each term.  More information will be sent home at the beginning of each quarter regarding the book challenge.


            Students are responsible for bringing their planner, homework folder, and any assignments that are due that day.  If assignments are not turned in at the beginning of the day they will be counted as late and points will be deducted from the score.


It is important to strive for great attendance.  Absent children will miss pertinent information and experiences.  Some experiences are hard to achieve through “make-up work” at home.  I do however understand that illness and family responsibilities occur throughout the year.  Please notify the office if your child is going to be absent.  You will also need to send a note when your child returns to school documenting the excuse for the absence.  Your child will be given an opportunity to complete make-up work when they return.  It is their responsibility to get their makeup work and turn it in!  You are also welcome to e-mail me in the event of the absence.  I am also always to send make-up work to the office for a sibling or parent to pick up.


It is my goal to create a caring, comfortable, respectful learning environment for all children.  In order to achieve this type of environment students will work together to determine classroom rules as well as their hopes and dreams for fourth grade.  Once rules are established, modeled, and revised if necessary, students will be expected to follow the rules.  When students do not follow the classroom rules they will be asked to “take a break” so they can focus and reflect on their choices.  If your child is asked to take a break more than 3 times in one day, I will notify you by e-mail or with a phone call.  More severe behavior issues will be addressed by administration.


Birthday treats are always welcome in 4th Grade!  I do ask that if you plan on bringing a birthday treat for your child that you notify me at least a day in advance.  I also do not mind helping pass out invitations for birthday parties as long as all of the children in the class are invited.  This is just to keep students from having hurt feelings or feeling uncomfortable at school.

***Please sign and date the attached from.  Signing the form will indicate that you and your child have read, understand, and agree to abide by the fourth grade and University School Handbook policies and procedures.  Please include any e-mail addresses you would like included in our group contact list.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the policies.  I know we will have a successful school year.  I look forward to getting to know you and your child!


Ms. Lowery

Please sign and return:

*I have read the class information above and understand the class homework, grading, and behavior policy for fourth grade.

*Child’s name _____________________________________________________________

*Parent’s name_____________________________________________________________

*Parent’s Signature__________________________________________________________

*Child Signature_____________________________________________________________

*E-mail Address for class list___________________________________________________

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