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University School


Printable Syllabus


Amy Malone


        Goal: To foster creative thinking and help every student achieve his/her highest potential in mathematics


  • Transformations and Congruence
  • Lines, Angles, and Triangles
  • Quadrilaterals and Coordinate Proof
  • Similarity
  • Trigonometry
  • Properties of Circles
  • Measurements and Modeling in Two and Three Dimensions
  • Probability

Materials: (Bring to class every day)

  • 3 ring binder (suggested sections  - notes, homework, quizzes/tests)
  • Pencil(s) with eraser
  • Paper (regular notebook paper and graph paper)
  • Calculator  (TI-84 graphing calculator is recommended)

Math Lab:  Tuesday and Thursday 12:05-12:30 in room 306, Friday 12:35-1:00 in room 304

  • Lab is limited to 5 students each day.
  • The purpose of math lab is not to complete today's homework assignment.  Math lab is for extra help when a student is absent or behind.


  • Will be assigned daily, checked at the beginning of the next class, and may be taken up for a grade
  • In order to receive full credit, students must complete all assigned problems with any processes shown clearly and completely.
  • Work turned in late will lose 1 point for each day late.
  • Students will be given one extra day to turn in work for each day the student is absent.


  • Will be given a full class period to complete (students will not be allowed more than 55 minutes to complete any test including makeups)
  • Will always be given on Wednesday or Friday
    • Must be taken in the testing lab on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday in room 305.
    • Since students will be given a maximum of 55 minutes to complete a test, students should plan to report directly to the testing lab at 12:00 with their lunch. (Students may bring their lunch from home or purchase from the cafeteria.) Extended time will NOT be given, so plan accordingly.

Final Grade:

  • 1st semester grade
    • 1st quarter 40%
    • 2nd quarter 40%
    • Semester exam 20%
  • 2nd semester grade
    • 1st quarter 40%
    • 2nd quarter 40%
    • Semester exam 20%
  • Final Grade
    • 1st semester 50%
    • 2nd semester 50%
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