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University School



The Art Students took a field trip to the ETSU campus to see artist, Patrick Dougherty, Stickworks.

Click here for Artist Power Point

pictureThis event inspired the creation of Kudzu Ants, a contribution for the picnic themed Volunteer Appreciation Dinner for the Mary B. Martin School of the Arts , held on Thursday, April 24th, 2014.

  View Event photos, video and design process



Middle School Art Syllabus

ETSU University School Teacher: Mrs. Ellen Pitts


Phone: 753-4020

Our Goal is to explore art using a discipline based art education approach. This will include producing our own unique art works; learning to talk about our own as well as others art by developing an art vocabulary; exploring the historical, cultural, and personal aspects of an art work; and discussing a work of art for the purpose of uncovering its meaning.

Class expectations and policies:

Each class period students will need a pencil, an eraser, and lined paper. Students are expected to come to class on time and if tardy they are expected to bring a white slip from the office. Students are expected to do their own work on assignments and projects. Excessive or loud talking, off-task behavior, and infractions of class or school rules will result in receiving a conduct slip. Class rules include staying at ones assigned area; talking quietly; passing rather than throwing art tools or materials; coming prepared to class; raising your hand to indicate a need to make a comment or ask a question; treating others with respect and courtesy.


In order to create a positive learning environment and to help us meet our goals, the following rules represent my expectations for student behavior.

     1. Follow directions the first time they are given

     2. Pay attention in class at all times

     3. Be prepared with the necessary materials

     4. Respect the people, equipment, and furnishings of the classroom.


Homework and attendance:

It is important to be present each class. When you miss class ,you are responsible for finding out what needs to be made up the day that you return. You will be given the same number of days to complete the work as the number of days you missed. If you have not corn pleted a project by the time it is due, I will grade it and then return it to you to complete at home if you choose. I will then re-evaluate the project and adjust the grade as necessary. Tests will need to be made up at school.

There may be occasional homework assignments where students will need to bring in special materials, research a topic or sketch in preparation for a project.

Class projects:

We will explore a broad variety of art subjects, artists and styles. Projects will involve a variety of mediums. Art products are a major portion of the grade. Students will have a portfolio in class, in which to keep all projects, warm ups, sketches, etc. Each student is responsible for completing and turning in his/her work on the due date. Work is expected to be done in a neat, and professional manner. Project directions need to be followed.


Tests, quizzes, book assignments, written assignments, and projects will all be given assigned point values. Grades will be calculated by finding the percentage of points earned out of the total number of points possible.

Projects grades will reflect the following criteria:

     Effort- putting forth your best work Craftsmanship- making sure your artwork

          is neat and professionally handled.

Handling the art media well and as instructed Meeting assignment objectives- completing each project according to instruction.

Demonstrate an understanding of the assignment goals.

Clean Up and materials:

Each student is responsible for cleaning up their own area often due to confined space, one student will be selected to assist in clean up for the table. Each student is expected to use the materials in a professional manner and act responsibly in the classroom at all times.

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