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University School


University School 7th Grade English Language Arts  

Greetings Students and Parents,

Welcome to 7th grade English Language Arts.  Being a 7th grader is both exciting and challenging.  I look forward to working together during the 2017-2018 school year.  Please know that my door is always open for questions and concerns.

Erica Preswood


Class Description

Seventh grade English Language Arts utilizes The TNReady standards to provide a focus for instruction to ensure that students gain adequate exposure to a range of texts and tasks. Rigor is infused through the requirement that students read increasingly complex texts from a variety of genres both fiction and nonfiction. Students are expected to meet the 7th grade standards and retain or further develop skills and understandings mastered in preceding grades. (Common Core State Standards Initiative,

Our class will begin the year with an in-depth reading of The Hunger Games.  The overall theme for the year will be the Hunger for Knowledge and Character.  

Units of Study

1st Nine Weeks:  Perseverance and Courage in Life and Literature

2nd Nine Weeks:  Characters With Character

3rd Nine Weeks:  Survival in the Wild

4th Nine Weeks:  Science or Fiction


To help each of you succeed, I have developed the following set of procedures and ground rules.  

Classroom Rules

The following rules have been adopted and should be followed for the safety and success of everyone.

Be respectful to yourself and others.

Be prepared daily for class.

Be on time for class.

Follow all school rules.

There are consequences for breaking these rules, and these have been developed with my colleagues.

Students will be given a conduct slip for parent to sign within two days.  After six conduct slips, students will not be eligible for nine weeks’ field trip.  After seven conduct slips, students will serve one day of ISS.  After eight slips, student will serve two days ISS.  Nine slips will result in three days ISS.  Any student who receives ten slips in a nine weeks grading period will be given one day OSS.  Some instances may require a judgment which would skip through the consequences to parent contact or office referral.

Homework and Classwork Policy

Because homework is kept to a bare minimum, it is extremely essential that students complete their work on time.  Nightly reading is suggested to improve comprehension and fluency, and nightly reading will be assigned via a reading posts which will be due throughout the nine weeks.  Other assignments and projects will be required, but ample class time will be provided for students to get a good start and to provide a time to ask questions.  Homework/classwork falls under the ground rule of being prepared for class daily, therefore, any student who does not have his/her work will follow the consequences.  If students turn in the assignment one day late, the maximum grade will be a 70.   Work turned in up to five day late can earn the maximum score of a 50.  Work later than five days will not be accepted and will be given a zero.

Make-up Work

Students who are absent MUST ask for their missing work upon their return to school.  Students who have internet access at home can access their work via the webpage, .  A day per day absent will be given to make up this work.  


Grades will be calculated using a standards based grading system.  Daily work and skills practice will be calculated into a class participation grade which is 40% of the overall grade.  Assessments and projects  contribute 60% of the overall grade.  




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