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University School


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Congratulations to University School, Winners of the 2015 Franklin Math Bowl!

 Team members: Vijay, Anna, Hannah, Lindsey, Julia, Aryan, Drew, and Claudia

            The Upper East Tennessee Council of Teachers of Mathematics in conjunction with the math departments of University School and East Tennessee State University are happy to announce the new 2015 Franklin Math Quiz Bowl on Friday, March 27, 2015.  The contest will be open to students enrolled in 7th and 8th grade mathematics (regular or Algebra I) in Johnson City and Washington County Schools.  This exciting new event will take place on the campus of ETSU and will begin with team registration at 8:00 a.m. Awards will be presented at the end of the competition at approximately 12:00 p.m. The cost of the event is free!

              Each school is invited to compete with one team consisting of 7th or 8th representing their respective middle school.  The competition will follow the traditional quiz bowl format, and complete details and rules of the game will be provided upon acceptance of this invitation.  For more information, and to accept this mathematical challenge, please contact Jill Fernandez at by February 13, 2015. We look forward to hearing from you!

Quiz Bowl Overview

Questions are developed by the ETSU Math Department, under the direction of Dr. Daryl Stephens.  Each competing team must consist of 4 students, from either seventh or eighth grade.  All teams face each other once in a round robin format.  Each match consists of 2 teams with 4 members each. (Teams may have alternate members, who may be used as substitutes.) In the first segment of a match, the moderator reads a question to each of the four individual members, who answer a maximum of one question each on his or her own.  These questions are worth 5 points each.  The second segment consists of team questions, and each question is worth 10 points.  The 2 teams with the most points after the round robin face each other in a final round.  In the unlikely event of a tie to determine the two final teams, each tied team will be asked one question.  If there is still a tie, the same format will be followed until the tie is broken.

Competition Rules and Guidelines

  1. A dice roll with the highest number determines which team goes first.

  2. A moderator and time keeper/scorekeeper will be used in each match.

  3. Each team will have a designated student spokesperson. An alternate team member may substitute for another member between the first and second segments of a match. 

  4. There are 12 questions to a match - 1 for each individual team member (40 points total) and 4 team questions (40 points total.)

  5. Each question will be read twice and the stopwatch will begin after the second reading of the question. The answering team will have 1 minute to give the correct answer during the individual team member segment. The timekeeper will tell when 10 seconds remain.

  6. During the team question segment, members may confer with each other during a 3-minute period, but only the spokesperson may give an answer. The spokesperson has only one chance to answer correctly; the first answer given is the one that counts. The timekeeper will tell when 10 seconds remain.

  7. If, at the end of its three minutes, the first team is unable to answer the question or gives an incorrect answer, the moderator will ask the other team to give the correct answer at that moment. The question will not be read a third time, so the second team should listen well when the question is issued, and may also quietly confer while the first team is discussing its answer.

  8. Teams waiting to compete in matches may not watch matches in session, but everyone is invited to attend the final round.

  9. The audience may not coach or talk while the competition is going on. Audience members breaking this rule will be asked to leave.

  10. Cell phones must be put away and cannot be used in the competition. They need to be turned off or set to vibrate.

  11. Team members may bring their own paper, pencils, pens or calculators for use in the competition. No internet access is allowed.

  12. All teams should remember the most important rule: Have fun.
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