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University School


Precalculus Syllabus

Kimberly Summey Instructor


Goal:   To help each student reach his/her highest potential in Precalculus.


Text:   Precalculus with Limits: A Graphing Approach, by Larson, published by Cengage Learning


Topics of Study:  University Schools Pre-Calculus course is aligned to the Tennessee State Standards for Mathematics.  For more information on the state mathematics standards, visit


Materials:       A notebook dedicated to Pre-Calculus

                        A pencil and eraser (for assignments)

                        A pen (for grading and corrections only)

                        Paper (Notebook paper and graph paper)


                        TI-84 calculator


Calculator:     The TI-84 Plus graphing calculator is required for all high school mathematics courses.  We will use calculators throughout this course for both in-class assignments/activities and homework.  The TI-84 Plus will be allowed on many assessments in this class, and it is approved for use on the End of Course mathematics exams in Tennessee and the ACT Exam.  Students are expected to bring their calculator to class daily.  Please see me if you are unable to purchase the TI-84 Plus.  If you choose to use a graphing calculator other than the TI-84, it will be your responsibility to learn the appropriate key strokes.


Grading:        Each assignment will be assigned a specific point value.  Each Quarter Grade will be calculated by finding the percentage of points earned of the total possible points. 


1st Semester Grade:  1st Quarter 40 %

       2nd Quarter 40 %

       1st Semester Exam 20 %


2nd Semester Grade:  3rd Quarter 40 %

        4th Quarter 40 %

        2nd Semester Exam 20 %


Final Grade:    1st Semester 50 %

      2nd Semester 50 %



Homework:    Homework will be assigned regularly.  Homework will be checked at the beginning of class.  To receive credit for an assignment, ALL problems must be attempted with all processes shown.  


v  Students completing ALL assignments on time within a quarter will earn an additional 2 points on their quarter grade.


v  Students missing FOUR or more assignments in one quarter will have their quarter grade reduced by % for each missing assignment up to a maximum of 4% of the quarter grade. For example, a student who earned a 76 for the quarter and has 8 missing assignments will have their grade reduced by 2% which will result in a 74 for the quarter grade. 


Please note that homework adjustments will not be shown on ParentConnect until the end of the Quarter. 


Extra Assistance:       A math lab will be available in room 306 on Monday and room 305 on Tuesday and Thursday during the activity period.  Students should schedule lab time with Ms. Summey at least one day in advance. 



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