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ETSU Violence Free

East Tennessee State University

Bystander Intervention

Buccaneer Bystander Intervention:

The university's goal for the campus community is clear: Bystanders have a positive, moral obligation to take any reasonable and prudent action they can to prevent or stop an act of sexual misconduct from taking place. ETSU is dedicated to maintaining an environment which is safe and supportive of its students and employees where relationships are built on honesty, integrity, and trust.

Think,Live,Respect Think Live Respect Logo

One aspect of ETSUs Think, Live Respect initiative is how bystanders can respond to instances of harmful or violent words, actions, or behaviors.  When you observe conflict or unacceptable behavior, take steps to make a difference: assess the situation, evaluate options, and select a strategy for response. Some bystander intervention resources, strategies, and tips on responding if someone discloses to you can be accessed herefor students and for faculty/staff members.






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