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ETSU Violence Free

East Tennessee State University

Investigate Information

The university is dedicated to upholding its Title IX obligation to assist complainants of sexual misconduct by recovering and restoring their sense of self and wholeness. Complainants of sexual misconduct are encouraged, but never pressured, to participate in the university's investigation and hearing process so that the facts of each situation can be explored and responsible parties held accountable for their misconduct, if warranted. Where an allegation of sexual misconduct also appears to raise the possibility of criminal behavior, such as rape or sexual assault, complainants are also encouraged to pursue criminal charges against the respondent.

When a complainant requests that a hearing not occur, the university will make every reasonable effort to comply with that request. There may be exceptional circumstances when the university determines that the continued threat of a situation warrants a hearing despite the request of a complainant. The complainant will never be required to participate in such a hearing process. Prior to the hearing, the complainant will be contacted by the Associate Dean of Students and/or the Title IX Officer to discuss the reasoning for the decision.

Additional Information for respondents and/or individuals who believe they have committed Sexual Misconduct: Individuals who believe they may have committed sexual misconduct and/or have had a sexual misconduct complaint filed namng them are treated with dignity, respect, and in a non-judgmental manner. The university provides resources to these individuals to make decisions, obtain information about available resources, and assist if an official report is made.

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