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ETSU Violence Free

East Tennessee State University

Envision a Violence Free ETSU

Access the ETSU Sexual Misconduct Policy in its entirety in the Undergraduate/Graduate Catalogs at ETSU CATALOGS


ETSU offers students involved in an incident of sexual misconduct assistance and non-judgmental support. Complainants of sexual misconduct can expect to be treated with care and respect from the time the institution becomes aware of an incident, through the entire conduct process, and thereafter. The university understands that any party involved in an incident of sexual misconduct will have questions and may need the support of on-campus and/or off-campus services. Any party is encouraged to contact the Counseling Center, Office of the Dean of Students/Student Affairs, or Public Safety for assistance and, in addition, to access the resources below.

Listing of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Programs in Tennessee by County

24-Hour Resources

ETSU Public Safety: 423-439-4480

One can request an officer of any gender; Public Safety can also assist in providing 24-hour access to Housing, Student Affairs, & Counseling on-call staff members and they can serve as a point of referral to other police agencies.

Johnson City Police Department: 423- 434-6160 or 911

Johnson City Medical Center (JCMC): 423-431-6111

JCMC hosts the areas only SANE program. SANE nurses - trained as Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) - will oversee the care and direction of sexual assault patients.

Franklin Woods Community Hospital: 423-302-1000

Campus Resources (8:00 a.m. 4:30 p.m.)

Senior Special Assistant to the President for Equity and Diversity: 423-439-4211
Office of the Dean of Students/Division of Student Affairs:   423-439-4210

Counseling Center: 423-439-4841

Student Health Services: 423-439-4225


Gay and Lesbian National Hotline:

1-800-THE-GLNH (843-4564)

National Sexual Assault Hotline:

1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

National Domestic Violence Hotline:


National Center for Complainants of Crime, Stalking Resource Center:

1-800-FYI-CALL (304-2255)

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)

Online Hotline:

"Safe Passage" Domestic Violence Shelter, Johnson City TN  24-Hour Hotline: 423-926-7233

Non-Emergency Online Resources (Not for emergency reporting, Call 911 in such circumstances)

Click on "ETSU online Incident Report" link below to make an online report, reports that are submitted will be investigated and you will be contacted by the Associate Dean of Students Office and/or Public Safety (reports are NOT immediately reviewed and this capability should not replace calling 911 in an emergency)

ETSU Online Incident Report

Submit a report on a violation (PLEASE NOTE: Simply completing this form does NOT constitute a police report nor a student conduct report. You will NOT be contacted by the university unless you indicate a desire to be contacted and provide your name and contact information. If your name and contact information are not provided the report will be treated as an Anonymous Report which is explained later in this policy)

Additional Information for Complainants/Dealing With The Aftermath:

University personnel will assist any student who is the complainant of a sex offense in notifying law enforcement, in obtaining medical assistance, and in pursuing counseling. If a student requests a change in her/his academic or on-campus living situation, then the university will accommodate the student's request if those changes are reasonably available.

All complainants are afforded the following:

Notification of available on-campus and off-campus resources, including medical assistance, mental health counseling services, law enforcement agencies, and campus conduct options.

Information on their options to notify and if necessary file a complaint with proper law enforcement authorities (if other than ETSU Public Safety), and the option to be assisted by Public Safety or other university officials in notifying such authorities, if the student so chooses.

The opportunity to request that the university take steps to prevent unnecessary or unwelcomed contact or proximity to a respondent. All requests should be directed to the Associate Dean of Students. Such measures may include housing relocation of the complainant or respondent, the imposition of a campus "no contact order" between the parties, and adjustments to course schedules or living arrangements to prevent contact, as determined appropriate by the Associate Dean of Students' Office, and information from Public Safety on how to obtain and off campus order of protection.

Opportunity to report retaliation. Any concerns of retaliatory behavior should be reported immediately to ETSU Public Safety 24 hours a day at 423-439-4480 or by calling 911.

Investigation and Resolution of Sexual Misconduct:

The university is dedicated to upholding its Title IX obligation to assist complainants of sexual misconduct by recovering and restoring their sense of self and wholeness. Complainants of sexual misconduct are encouraged, but never pressured, to participate in the university's investigation and hearing process so that the facts of each situation can be explored and responsible parties held accountable for their misconduct, if warranted. Where an allegation of sexual misconduct also appears to raise the possibility of criminal behavior, such as rape or sexual assault, complainants are also encouraged to pursue criminal charges against the respondent.

When a complainant requests that a hearing not occur, the university will make every reasonable effort to comply with that request. There may be exceptional circumstances when the university determines that the continued threat of a situation warrants a hearing despite the request of a complainant. The complainant will never be required to participate in such a hearing process. Prior to the hearing, the complainant will be contacted by the Associate Dean of Students and/or the Title IX Officer to discuss the reasoning for the decision.

Additional Information for alleged respondents and/or individuals who believe they have committed Sexual Misconduct: Individuals who believe they may have committed sexual misconduct and/or have been alleged to have committed sexual misconduct are treated with dignity, respect, and in a non-judgmental manner. The university provides resources to these individuals to make decisions, obtain information about available resources, and assist if an official report is made.

What To Do If You Have Been Sexually Assaulted

Get to a safe place, one that is well-lit and where there are other people, preferably people you know and trust.

Do not bathe, douche, brush your teeth, chew gum, drink, change clothing or even comb your hair before seeking medical attention. It is only natural to want to do so, but you may be destroying physical evidence that could be needed later if you decide to pursue an investigation.

Call the police as soon as possible to report the assault. If you are on campus call ETSU Public Safety at 911 or 439-4480. If you are off campus and call 911, the local police will respond to your call. By calling the police you are reporting the crime and seeking the protection of the police. Reporting does not mean that you have to prosecute. See the following section for more reporting options.

If you wish, call a friend, family member or other trusted person to be with you. A counselor from the ETSU Counseling Center can accompany you to the hospital or police station, call 439-4841 during weekday hours, and after hours, the Counselor on Duty can be contacted through Public Safety at 439-4480. The counselor provides confidential emotional support and can also help you consider your reporting options and what to do next.

Get immediate medical attention. You may have sustained injuries or contracted a sexually transmitted infection; therefore, the sooner you seek medical attention, the better. The Student Health Clinic provides medical care during the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 4:00p.m., Monday - Friday. During non-business hours or for the purpose of evidence collection, the Johnson City Medical Center offers specially trained nurses (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) through their emergency room to support you through the medical exam and administer a Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK). Again, collecting the evidence does not mean you need to make any decision to prosecute.

Seek follow-up counseling. Whether or not you report the assault or prosecute, a trained counselor can help you deal with the emotional trauma of an assault. You may call the ETSU Counseling Center at 439-4841 and ask for an OASIS advocate. All counseling is completely confidential.

OASIS (Outreach & Advocacy: Sexuality Information for Students)

To appropriately address sexual violence, ETSU has developed OASIS, a program housed in the Counseling Center. OASIS provides comprehensive services including:

Educational and prevention programs, awareness events and print and video resources addressing a variety of topics related to sexual violence and healthy relationships such as consent, bystander Intervention, men as allies, women's empowerment, Take Back the Night and others;

Sponsorship of Students Against Violence (SAVE), a student organization committed to ending sexual violence on campus and Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) trainings, free self-defense programming;

Counseling and intervention services for those who have been assaulted or who have concerns regarding sexual violence;

Referral to off-campus agencies that provide services for persons who have been sexually assaulted;

Procedures for assisting persons who have been sexually assaulted in obtaining medical and counseling services;

Procedures for assisting persons who have been sexually assaulted in pursuing criminal or civil action against their assailants;

Support when persons who have been assaulted wish to pursue campus disciplinary action against the assailants.

Privacy Statement

In any report, investigation, or resolution of an allegation of sexual misconduct, ETSU will preserve the privacy and confidentiality interests of the individuals involved as required by applicable law.

In potentially serious situations, the University reserves the right to notify the parents or guardians of the student as well as appropriate university officials. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended (FERPA) authorizes school officials such as faculty and staff to disclose education records to other school officials who have a legitimate educational interest in those records, without the student's consent. Disclosure may also be made to appropriate parties where it is necessary to protect the health and safety of the student or other individuals. It is within the University's discretion to determine what constitutes an emergency, who is the "appropriate" party, and what information is necessary to be disclosed.

If a report of misconduct discloses an immediate threat to the campus community, where timely notice must be given to protect the health or safety of the community, ETSU may not be able to maintain the same level of confidentiality. Immediately threatening circumstances include, but are not limited to, reported incidents of sexual misconduct that include the use of force, a weapon, or other circumstances that represent a serious and ongoing threat to students, faculty, staff, or guests.

Despite ETSU's strong interest in having complainants of sexual misconduct come forward, the university realizes not every student is prepared to report. If you are a complainant of sexual misconduct but are not ready to inform the university, you are encouraged to contact the ETSU Counseling Center. As health professionals, the staff members of the Counseling Center are bound by separate laws of confidentiality and will not inform other members of the University of your Contact under most circumstances, unless there is an imminent safety concern or as otherwise required by law.

ETSU Safety

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