Adobe Connect

Guides and Tutorials

Getting Started Guide for Participants & Presenters (Video)
Video series (Total running time approx. 32 minutes)

Getting Started Guide for Participants & Presenters (Text)
Text companion to the video series of the same title

Getting Started Guide for Participants & Presenters (iBooks)
Download to your iPad (10mb)

Adobe Connect: Participant Quick Reference (Text)
covers the basic start-up process for new users

Adobe Connect: Introductory Guide for Meeting Hosts (Text)
create online synchronous meetings with anyone in the world

If you are interested in learning to create your own Connect meetings, or searching for help with Connect, guides are available and workshops are scheduled on a regular basis. You can also contact at 439-8244 for help.

Log on to Adobe Connect

To manage your Adobe Connect meetings, visit:

Test your browser to see if it is Connect-ready here.

 Forgot your password?
Contact Academic Technology for help.
|  439-8611

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is web-based conferencing software used to share information and host meetings over the internet. It can be used to collaborate via chat, microphone, or webcam. Applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint can be easily shared, and entire meetings can be recorded.

What is the difference between Connect, Wimba, or the Bridge?
Click here to find out.

Wimba Classroom has been identified as the primary synchronous system for ETSU online classes. Adobe Connect is not an appropriate tool for teaching an entire online class.

If you have an interest in teaching an online course,
please contact Academic Technology
  |  439-8611

Who Can Use Connect?

Adobe Connect is freely available to all ETSU faculty and staff. Any faculty and staff can obtain a username and password to create and manage meetings.

Once those meetings are created, anyone in the world can access them from any computer connected to the internet.

Visitors accessing the meetings do not need to be affiliated with ETSU.

If you are an ETSU faculty/staff member and are interested in obtaining a username and password for Connect, contact Academic Technology:
| 439-8611