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Multimedia Classrooms

Multimedia Classrooms and Multimedia Lecture Halls offer faculty an opportunity to introduce educational material to students using enhanced learning environments via technology.

Contact Academic Technology Support to schedule Multimedia Training.
Call: 423-439-8611
Register for a Multimedia Training Workshop
Or email:

Training consist of how to use the: 
    Document Camera
    Smart Board and the Smart Board Software
    VHS Player
    DVD Player
    Crestron Touch Panel
    Faculty Laptop Connection

New faculty are issued a key to unlock the cabinets in the classrooms after training has been completed.

Multimedia Classroom Tips

Do Take Advantage of Technological Support

Contact ATS at 439-8611 if you need assistance with the software (i.e.: Word, PowerPoint, Smart Notebook Tools, playing a DVD, CD, or VCR).

Contact ATS at 439-8611 if you would like help in converting course material or creating technologically based educational material (i.e: Smart Notebook Templates, Interactive PowerPoint Slides, Training on how to save material to CDs or Q Drive).

Contact OITHELP at 439-4648 if the equipment (i.e.: computer, projector, Crestron Panel, or Symposium) is not functioning properly.

Remember: Do Not

(Do Not) - Use ANY type of markers on the Doc Cam (fancy overhead projector)
(Do Not) - Use ANY type of markers on the Smart Board or Pull-Down Screen
(Do Not) - Use force to open/close DVD/CD door
(Do Not) - Leave the projector on (light on)
(Do Not) - Leave cabinet unlocked
(Do Not) - Forget to log off the computer
(Do Not) - Shake, write on, or un-connect the Crestron Panel
(Do Not) - Turn off the computer VCR

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