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It is highly recommended that full-time faculty and staff from each department be responsible for web updates. If student workers or graduate assistants will be updating the website, we recommend that in addition to the student, a full-time staff or faculty member will also be attending training. This will help ensure consistency as natural student turnover occurs.

Training workshops are provided for all departments once the CMS site has been built. At the completion of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Login to CMS using their ETSU username and password
  • Import documents or images that will be used within the website pages
  • Create new pages within their website
  • Edit, make changes, save and submit pages to their websites
  • Format text, use links, insert images and tables in a webpage

To download or view the training material click Handout

Scheduling Training

Please contact Information Technology Services to discuss your training needs. You may reach us at 439.8249 or .

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