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The Faculty Web Server is a place where faculty can post their professional or course-related web pages.  It can also serve as a convenient place to share large files with students -- files too large to email and too large for D2L's dropbox.  Content published to a faculty web space is viewable by anyone in the world with an Internet connection.

Information about the Faculty Web Server

Q: How do I connect to my faculty web space to upload the content?

A: If you are on campus using an ETSU network connection, you can use either Microsoft Office FrontPage or Expression Web to create and modify content live on the server. To connect, go to File --> Open Site... and enter your site's root address (e.g. as described below). Log in using your domain username and password as described below.

If you are off-campus or already have content generated that you simply wish to make available for the world to see, you can use FTP over Explicit SSL. We have on-campus instructions and off-campus instructions for configuring FileZilla, a free FTP client for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Q: How much space is allotted to each faculty member?

A: Each faculty member is allotted 250MB of space.

Q: What should I use for my FTP or FrontPage username and password?

A: You should enter your username as etsu\your_username.  For example, if your name were John Doe and your username were doej01, you would enter your username as etsu\doej01.  The password that you use is the same password you use to log into your personal workstation or into your employee email account.  If you and the web server disagree about your password or you are unsure of what that password is, try setting a new password.

Q: What is the address for my faculty homepage?

A:  For example, if your name were John Doe and your username were doej01, your web space would be accessible by going to after you upload content.

Q: I have uploaded my website, but I am not able to view it just by typing in an address like the one in the previous question.  What's wrong?

A: The "home" page of your web site must be named as one of the following: default.htm, default.html, index.htm, index.html; or if you are creating your web page with asp, default.asp or index.asp.

Q: How can I tell whether my web space has been built or is ready for me to upload content?

A: Unlike previous years, we are not loading a default "under construction" page into every faculty web site.  You will receive the same error page whether the problem is caused by a missing web space or more simply a mistyped address.  If you are following the above instructions correctly, and still can not access your web site, please send an e-mail to or call the help desk (numbers listed below).

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