Streaming media are video or audio files which open and play with a click. eLearning DMS currently uses four main services to support archived streaming media; eLearning's Flash server, ETSU in YouTube, ETSU in iTunes U, and ETSU Online in Vimeo.

The table below shows major features of the media servers:

Service X-Pltfrm Hits Simplicity Password Analytics Feed Ratings Comments Captions Embed/Share
Flash Moderate Low Moderate No No No No No Yes Yes/Yes
YouTube High Med High No Yes No Off/On Off/On Yes Yes/Yes
iTunes U Moderate High Moderate No Yes Yes Popularity bar No Yes No/Yes
Vimeo High Low High Yes Yes No Likes Off/On Yes Yes/Yes

ETSU’s Flash server permits us to stream archived presentations to all computer platforms and to many web-enabled mobile devices.  Links to streaming media files can be added to web pages, e-mails, and as quick links in online course sites. In fact, functional links can be incorporated into many document formats, allowing web-based media to open from offline documents and presentations. Streaming video can also be embedded as a frame in a web page, allowing incorporation of branding.

At the present time, bandwidth limitations preclude live streaming of events on the main campus M-F during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).



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