Studio/Field Capture

Studio Recording: eStudio is a 12' X 15' studio to record video or audio presentations, interviews, or small group discussions. We can incorporate high quality images or existing video clips into new video presentations. You can also record voice-overs for superimposition onto existing video. One advantage of the studio is that you can repeat sections of a presentation without an audience, and our editors will put together a seamless final product. Due to increasing demand, we ask that you book in advance. Recordings in direct support of online instruction are given priority in our editing queue. Turnover time from recording to internet delivery may be from 2 days to 2 weeks.

Studio Equipment: The studio is equipped with sound baffling materials, but is not completely soundproof. Other equipment includes studio lights, green screen, teleprompter, Sympodium, and a Windows computer. It is possible to record directly from the computer monitor. Video is recorded as HD, audio is high fidelity.

Cameras and Editing: We operate the cameras and perform the edits allowing you to focus on content.

Preparation: The studio gets warm; consider bringing a beverage. Preparation to the same level at which you would be comfortable in the classroom is advised. If you wish to script short presentations, a teleprompter is available. We can quickly transfer most text documents (non-PDF) to the teleprompter.

Booking: Please call 96809 to book time in the studio.

Field Recording: Under certain circumstances, we can bring high quality camera and audio recording equipment to locations outside of the studio. Examples include guest classroom presentations, field presentations supporting academic or service programs, public presentations or performances on campus, and videos promoting or supporting academic, service, or administrative programs. Because of high demand for field recording, we would like to get your event on our work calendar as early as possible.

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