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Codian Bridge

The term "bridge" is another term for a Multipoint Conferencing Unit or "MCU."  The MCU "bridges" different endpoints, allowing different sites and sources to connect together in a single conference channel.  This conference displays camera and content (usually computer) separately, allowing a receiving endpoint to view them independently or together. Our Tandberg-Codian bridge was originally developed by the Codian company, which is now a wholly owned division of Cisco, one of the world's largest IT hardware manufacturers.

Bridging Service
With live video conferencing capacity doubling in the next year, ETSU is leading the charge in high quality audio and video conferencing in the region. Our Codian Conferencing Bridge allows us to conference other standards based h.323 units ANYWHERE!  Acting like a live video conferencing switchboard, the Codian Bridge can connect endpoints from any geographic location with ease allowing a stable, multi-point conference limited only by the endpoint's available bandwidth and network infrastructure.

ITS expanded bridging capabilities in fall of 2010.  This will not only improves service quality, but through expansion provide more opportunities for innovation and refinement of existing services.

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