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Event Conferencing

ITS offers several services to the campus and community in addition to our interactive ETSU classes.  Our mobile remote units are able to extend our conferencing abilities far beyond the geographic limits of the ETSU campus.  

Live Classroom and Community Enrichment
Our custom built Mobile remote units make it possible for ETSU to deliver special university guests and presentations directly to the community.  A kindergarten class may talk dinosaurs LIVE with an anthropologist from the Gray Fossil Site, or a university class may speak to a specialist unable to travel.

MCU Bridging Service
With live video conferencing capacity doubling in the next year, ETSU is leading the charge in high quality audio and video conferencing in the region. Our Codian Conferencing Bridge allows us to conference other standards-based h.323 units ANYWHERE!  Acting as a live video conferencing switchboard, the Codian Bridge can connect endpoints from any geographic location with ease allowing a stable, multi-point conference limited only by the endpoint's available bandwidth and network infrastructure.

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