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Department FAQ

What services can you offer our department?

Click the link below for a list of:    Cohort Department Services

Who do I contact for help?   

Click the link below for a list of cohort program staff:    Cohort Program Staff

How can your office help my department market upcoming cohort opportunities?

Identifying student populations who have  a need for the program.

  • School systems
  • Community groups
  • Corporations or Businesses

Provide quotes about the program to be used in press releases, cohort web site, and ad campaigns.

Identify successful graduates and include some testimonials about how the program changed their career path.

Maintain an up-to-date web site.

Provide quick facts about the program:

  • Name the cohort groups so they are easy to identify (What is the  name of this particular cohort  program group?)
  • Date (When will the program begin?)
  • Location (Where will the students meet?)
  • Program length (How much time before they receive their degree?)
  • Tuition / Fees (How much will it cost?)        6. Program coordinator (Who is the advisor and person who can answer questions via email or phone?)
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