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Starting a New Cohort

As a faculty member, there are a number of steps that you may want to consider when contemplating a new off-campus program:
  1. Identify the need for a program.  Very often  off-campus cohorts arise out of a need identified in the community (for example, a school system who needs more special education teachers).       

    **Finding a group of students who would benefit from your specific program is a crucial first step.**

  2. Contact a cohort staff member to arrange a meeting about the program/site and develop an action plan.
  3. Identify a location where the cohort group will meet.
  4. Meet with the marketing coordinator to create an advertising plan for initial interest meetings.
  5. Develop the course schedule by semester for the degree program.
  6. Work with cohort staff to ensure students are admitted, enrolled, and paid.
  7. Schedule an orientation session.  This should include cohort coordinators and the online student success coordinator (if the program will take advantage of online classes). 
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