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The Springboard of Success: Discovering Your Identity with speaker and coach, Kim Weitkamp.

Harness the power of story communication and discover your business and/or personal identity and branding.

Two workshops:

Workshop One: 9:00-11:30 for Directors, Board Members, and Organizational Leaders.

Workshop Two: 1:00-3:30 for Directors, Board Members, and Organizational Leaders with the addition of their volunteers, staff, department heads, or others from their organization to make a group. 

A group rate will be available. (Leaders MUST attend the first workshop before attending second workshop with staff/volunteers).

The first workshop: The Science of Story:  Covers the why and how with hard facts and examples. Directors, Board Members, and Organizational leaders will learn Why story is the most effective and least expensive marketing tool they can utilize!   Lean How story works within the non-profit sector and how to prep staff in using this branding technique.

The second workshop: Ignition Point:  Invite staff, Department heads, and volunteers. Learn how to turn each staff member and volunteer into an EFFECTIVE walking ambassador for your organization. As a leader you will learn valuable tools from this workshop that, in conjunction with what your staff learns, will wield a double edge when bringing it out into your community.

Kim blends her mastery of humor, storytelling, and communication into her presentations, making them entertaining, enlightening, and educational.

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