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The Upward Bound program at ETSU invites you to utilize your UBETSU email account! Your email address will be To check your email, go  to Your username will be your legal first name (.) your legal last name and your password will be bound123. So for instance, if Louise Suzie Chapstick (known to everyone as     Suzie)  was logging in, her username would be and her password would be bound123. Please make sure to reset your password. To check your email, please visit If you have more questions, please e-mail Ms. Emily Grater at .

UB Online Tutoring - is available directly to students, as well as schools, libraries, businesses and community colleges to help K-12 and adult learners succeed. is tutoring the way it was meant to be. You get an expert tutor whenever you need help, and you work one-to-one with your tutor in our online classroom on your specific problem until it's done. Everything happens online. You never need to make an  appointment or even leave the house! ETSU Upward Bound program is providing access to at NO COST.  If you have more questions or are in need of tutoring assistance, please Ms. Emily Grater at .

To visit the site and to log on, visit

UB Online Tutoring - Rosetta Stone

Upward Bound is pleased to offer Rosetta Stone to UB students who need tutoring in a foreign language or who would like to learn additional languages.  These courses are both easy to use and comprehensive. The system is designed both for beginners and those who wish to refresh their foreign language skills. Activities such as interactive speaking and simulated conversations are utilized throughout the lessons. This service will be absolutely free.  If you are interested, please email Ms. Tiffany Brown at .

UB Library

Upward Bound students can check out books from our UB Library.  A wide range of books are available, including popular fiction
books, literature, self-help/life skills books, and academic books.  A list of available books can be found here. If you would like check out a book, please email Ali at  and we will deliver it to you at your next school visit.  


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Summer 2014 Yearbook

Click on the image below to view the 2014 Upward Bound Summer Yearbook.

2014 Yearbook