Students are classified as In-State or Out of State residents for fee payment purposes. Information regarding the requirements for classification as an In-State student and opportunities for fee waivers are included in this section.

Initial residency decisions for undergraduates are made at the time of application. Students may apply for consideration as an In-State student at such time as they feel requirements are met in light of the regulations. If students are denied an In-State classification, they may appeal the decision through the Residency Classification Appeals Committee. For appeal information, please review the Residency Appeal Committee Charge. Information is available from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

The Tennessee Eligibility for Entitlements Act requires ETSU to verify students' US Citizenship or "lawful presence" in the United States prior to offering a state benefit. State benefits include in-state tuition, Lottery Scholarships and any other form of tuition assistance funded through state appropriations. Find out for more information on our eligibility and entitlements FAQ page.

Completed Residency Inquiry Forms and all documentation must be submitted by the official census date (Fall and Spring semesters: 14 calendar days from the first official day of classes Summer semester: date is adjusted for condensed summer sessions) for the semester you are seeking reclassification.

Official Census dates:
Spring 2013 semester - January 30, 2013
Summer 2013 semester - Pre-summer - May 26, 2013, Session I - June 16, 2013, Session II - July 21, 2013
Fall 2013 semester - September 6, 2013.



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