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Reference guide for Referring Students

Note: not all holds prevent registration.  Holds affect different processes.  Please check "Processes Affected Column" in GoldLink to determine what processes are impacted by each hold. 
  Processes affected can be:  graduation, registration, transcript requests, etc.

Hold Begins With Office Phone (423) Location Email
A Undergraduate Admissions 439-4213 106 Burgin Dossett Hall
B Financial Services/Bursar 439-4212 202 Burgin Dossett Hall
C Student Health Services 439-4225 160 Roy Nicks Hall
D University Advisement Center (Learning Support Program Hold) 439-5244 ARC 2nd Level of D.P. Culp Center
G Graduate Studies 439-4221 309-B Burgin Dossett Hall
H Housing 439-4446 108 Burgin Dossett Hall
I International Programs 439-7737 122 Yoakley Hall
L Library (reference desk) 439-4307 Sherrod Library  
R Registrar (see hold description) 439-4230 101 Burgin Dossett Hall
S Student Affairs 439-4210 3rd Floor of D.P. Culp Center
 T Athletics 439-4618 or 6439

 ETSU MSHA Athletic Center Room W 248 

U Advisement Hold (Created by:  Office of Undergraduate Student Advisement) 439-8557 or 6940 Hold should be released by major advisor

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