Utilizing Life Insurance

"My education at ETSU is the best investment I'll ever make!"

As financial professionals counsel donors to the ETSU Foundation, there are many ways to make a planned gift. Of these various methods--including bequests, a gift of retirement-plan assets, charitable remainder trusts, and others--life insurance may also offer a cost-effective, easy way to make a major planned gift.

Dorothy Lee-Grisham, Class of 1974, has been a professional insurance agent for over 25 years. Dorothy recently recalled her student days at ETSU. "When I attended ETSU, even though the tuition and fees then were affordable to many students, they weren't for me. But rather than be discouraged by my finances, my family and I borrowed the money to make my education possible. I worked as a student. I received some financial aid. My education at ETSU is the best investment I'll ever make because it made my professional career possible. I simply couldn't have entered this profession. My career has been so personally satisfying to me, and ETSU made it happen!" Dorothy states.

Based in Chattanooga, Dorothy's agency has been recognized in the top 8 percent of her company for superior performance. Dorothy certainly knows insurance. She also knows the role life insurance can have in planned giving to the ETSU Foundation. "When I decided to give an insurance policy to the ETSU Foundation, it made the most sense for me personally compared with other planned gifts. It can be inexpensive, and the premium payments can be automatically deducted. By naming the ETSU Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of the policy, the premium payments are tax-deductible for me. I feel good that the policy empowers me to make a major gift for the future of my university," Dorothy explains.

As a professional insurance agent, Dorothy advises that alumni of ETSU, particularly those in the 30-50 age range, should consider utilizing life insurance to make a planned gift. "Although all alumni and friends of ETSU may consider the insurance option to make a planned gift, this age range may find the most benefit at the least cost. Also, other alumni and friends may want to consider donating an existing policy to the ETSU Foundation as a planned gift that may benefit their tax situation and the Foundation, too," Dorothy notes.

Having such a great appreciation for all that the people of ETSU did for her, Dorothy has some noteworthy ideas concerning giving to ETSU. "As Americans, we get so caught up in our busy lives I think that we sometimes forget to give to others. People need to do a better job of giving back to their communities, including ETSU. My planned gift of life insurance enables me to leave a personal legacy at ETSU to assist future students who need help, particularly as tuition continues to increase. The students my gift will help in the future may be the very students who, like me almost 30 years ago, perhaps could not otherwise afford the ETSU education that will shape their lives, make their careers possible, and make our world better," Dorothy believes. Her support of ETSU also includes her service as a member of the ETSU National Alumni Association board of directors.

Thank you, Dorothy, for your support and sharing what ETSU means to you. Dorothy Lee-Grisham, Class of 1974, reminds us why we should consider giving to ETSU in appreciation for all ETSU has done for us and will do for future generations if we provide the "margin of excellence" today.

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