Make the Taxes Disappear

If you leave your savings bonds to your heirs upon your death, your heirs will be taxed on the accumulated interest, leaving them less than 100 percent of the funds. But there is one very easy way to bypass this tax burden: Allow your attorney to add a codicil to your will, or an amendment to your living trust, that leaves your bonds to East Tennessee State University Foundation. (Note that you can't name a charitable organization as co-owner or beneficiary on the face of your bonds.) This way we will receive 100 percent of their value—and your family can receive other assets that won't trigger income taxes. It's a simple transaction that allows you to create a brighter future for students. Contact Jeff W. Anderson, J.D. at 423-439-5352 or to learn more.

How Long Will your Bonds Earn Interest?
Series Date of Issue Number of Years
E May 1941-November 1965
December 1965-June 1980
40 years
30 years
H June 1952-January 1957
February 1957-December 1979
29 years, 8 months
30 years
Savings Notes All issues 30 years
EE All issues 30 years
I All issues 30 years
HH No longer issued as of September 1, 2004 20 years


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