Carrie Elizabeth Hunter

Carrie Elizabeth Hunter '17
1985 Outstanding Alumna

( Awarded Posthumously)

Miss Hunter, a Carter County native, distinguished herself locally, statewide, and nationally in the practice of law. She completed the four-year academic course at the then East Tennessee Normal School in 1914, and the normal course in 1917, both of which were designed to prepare public school teachers in Tennessee. She completed her law degree with honors from the Washington College of Law in 1926. She became one of the first women to be admitted to practice law in the county and state courts of Tennessee. She was later admitted to practice in the federal courts, and in 1936 she was presented to the United States Supreme Court, becoming the first woman from Tennessee to be so honored. In 1951, Miss Hunter returned to Elizabethton to practice law until her retirement in 1963. She died in March 1984, at the age of 87.