Please note that in order to use the first option (FRS Account Number to Banner FOAPAL), you DO NOT need to put a hyphen (-) in your FRS Account Number. For example, if your FRS Account Number was 1-11111, you only need to input 111111.

Also, remember the new Banner terminology:

  • Banner FOAPAL = Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity, Location.
  • The university and foundation are on two different systems. Please use E for ETSU and F for the Foundation as prefix to your Index code or FOAPAL.
  • If an Index code is provided, you can use it to default the Fund, Organization and Program (FOP).
  • FRS "Account Numbers are Banner "Fund, Organization and Program" (FOP).
  • FRS "Object Codes " are Banner "Account Codes" (A).
  • Banner Activity and Location are only required where noted in the lookup tables.