The Ceramics Area shares the Art Annex Building with the Sculpture Area. While there is a healthy interchange between the areas, each operates independently in their own portion of the building space. In the Ceramics Area we have a large classroom containing 15 potters wheels and ample worktables for hand building. The wheels are a high quality mix of kick and electric models. The classroom is also equipped with two slab rollers and two extruders. Kilns are constructed during kiln building sessions and students participate in the design & construction.

Graduate student John Simmons.

All manner of clay work is encouraged in the Ceramics Area at ETSU. Utilitarian, sculptural, decorative and conceptual directions are all equally valued. Interdisciplinary and collaborative research with other areas can be pursued.

We offer the MFA and BFA Degree with a concentration in Ceramics and also serve a wide range of students concentrating in other disciplines who elect to study Ceramics. Our BFA and MFA students receive a personal space in the studio and mount their own one-person exhibition in their final semester.

 Facilities and Equipment

       Classroom area

  • Two extruders
  • Slab Rollers
  • 15 wheels - kick & electric
  • 5 large worktables

    In the Kiln Yard
  • 4 electric kilns
  • raku kiln
  • two gas reduction kilns
  • wood fired anagama type kiln
  • wood fired salt kiln
  • gas fired soda kiln

    Studio space
  •  Individual spaces for advanced students
  •  Individual spaces for grad students

    Ceramics Area of Emphasis Checklist:
    BFA Checklist


    Don Davis 


Ashley Pegram B.F.A. 2012