Summer 2014

Volunteer Celebration

Volunteers Can Usher, Distribute Posters, Work the Box Office…. and Dance!!!

On April 24, about 40 of our volunteers gathered for the annual volunteer appreciation celebration. This year volunteer Sam Jones came up with our theme for the event - - a folk dance and barbecue featuring music by the Carter County Ramblers and calling by Laurie Fisher. The barbecue was delicious and there were a number of brave souls who wandered out on the dance floor to see what they could do. From 8-year-old Hannah to the retired folks, we all had fun shaking a leg.

Art teacher Ellen Pitts once again provided us with decorations that her University School art students had made in class. This time it was giant ants, constructed in a manner inspired by sculptor Patrick Dougherty, who was in residency here during the past season. Seeing Patrick Dougherty’s work inspire the youngest contingent on campus was gratifying to us and the ants added an interesting and whimsical element to the décor.

 Thank you to all who attended this party, and thanks again to all of our volunteers who helped make the 2013-2014 season a success. We truly could not do it without you.

 What shall we do for our volunteer event next year? How about something quiet and sophisticated, perhaps a poetry reading, or high tea? More on that later…

 More Volunteers Join the Team

During the 2013-14 season, we had over 131 active volunteers, with over 1078 volunteer hours contributed. Our volunteer ranks have swollen considerably this season due to the Patrick Dougherty sculpture project that took place in the fall. For a wonderful slide show about the Patrick Dougherty project go to http://youtu.be/OC_xv4RnSDk.

Those of you who participated in that residency: We thank you again. It was an ambitious project, but well worth it. The sculpture outside of Gilbreath Hall is visited frequently by many folks, and it changes constantly with the seasons. We encourage you to come by and see how it looks under a canopy of green.

In the performance arena, we had some excellent help from our ‘veteran’ volunteers again this year. Loyal volunteers such as Laurie Garland, Peg Pickens, Carol Carr, Ann Lowe, and Rajani Anand, to name only a few, are the backbone of our ushering and box office team. We so appreciate their return each year, helping to stabilize the event management and train new volunteers. Several freshman students joined the ranks, as did some community members, referred to us by folks who already volunteer with us. We appreciate you all bringing your friends on board. It helps build a cohesive team.

We also had to ramp up our poster distribution efforts with over 18 off-campus poster runs during the season. This continues to be a challenge, and those of you who repeatedly volunteered for this task saved the day. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that some of our dynamite duos will continue to help us out next year (the Trepicciones, the Adorantes, and the Joneses come to mind).

 2014-2015 Season Looms Large

There is never a dull moment here at the Mary B. Martin School of the Arts, and Director Anita DeAngelis is already cooking up some exciting and unique events. This fall’s featured events will include The Mystical Arts of Tibet – a group of Tibetan monks who will create a sand painting and give a dance performance during their weeklong residency. We can also look forward to vocal group Sweet Honey in the Rock, and storyteller and educator Arianna Ross. We will be presenting our Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Films series once again, and there is talk of another sculpture project in September. In late August there will be a newsletter with complete dates and opportunities for volunteers. Stay tuned!

Volunteer of the Semester

Each semester, we will feature a brief introduction to one of our volunteers. Hopefully this will gradually introduce us to each other in a little more depth, since we are usually too busy working to chat much while on the job.

Summer Semester’s Featured Volunteer: Ann Lowe

You can almost always find Ann Lowe working the Box Office at our events. On staff at ESTU in the Financial Services area, she has an easy and efficient way of handling funds accurately, and is very comfortable working with the public. Ann has been volunteering with us for about 3 years, and seems to have ‘grace under pressure,’ an important requirement for working the box office. She is a frequent member of what we call the ‘stays to the bitter end’ club. Ann can often be seen after an event at 10:30 p.m. helping the Mary B. Martin staff haul box office equipment back to the office on a hand truck.

Ann does volunteer work for other organizations both on and off campus.  Just recently she was seen planting trees at the Unicoi welcome center. When asked why she volunteers so much she explained “ If each person would give just a small amount of their time helping others, society as a whole would be so much better off; I want to do my part and volunteering is the easiest and cheapest way to give back to a society that gives us so much."

Ann has 2 children and 1 grandchild. Her daughter stays busy working and raising her daughter, and her son also works and attends college here at ETSU. 

Thank You Ann! We appreciate how much energy and expertise Ann brings to our work here at the Mary B. Martin School of the Arts


                                                   Preview of Fall 2014 Season - Stay Tuned !

Sweet Honey in the Rock

         Sweet Honey in the Rock

Mystical Arts of Tibet

Mystic Arts of Tibet

Artist Dennis McNett

Artist Dennis McNett
















Volunteers in Action  

Volunteers Dancing at Celebration Event

Dancing at the celebration event 

Hannah and Kristi Take a Spin


Ant Sculptures at Volunteer Event

Ant sculptures at Volunteer Event

Final Toast - Patrick Dougherty Sculpture

Final toast at the sculpture site

Four Ushers Working Hard

Four Ushers working hard ...


Ann Lowe - Volunteer

Ann Lowe 




 Storyteller Arianna Ross 

   Storyteller Arianna Ross 




































House Manager - Christine Waxstein