Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops.

Training new students in research and analytical techniques is essential. Within CRAWL, there is enough overlap of concepts and techniques so that we can schedule much of this training into summer workshops (Table 1). Our plan is to hold several 1- or 2-day workshops early each summer on biological and mathematical techniques. The learning will be hands-on and, in most instances, will use current projects as case studies.



Spiders & flesh flies & bees…oh my!- Introduction to the natural history of our model organisms May 21, 2012 Jones, Joplin, Moore
Experimental design and its ramifications May 22, 2012 Entire Team
Rhythms & patterns in physiology and behavior
May 23, 2012 Jones and Moore
Introduction to time-series analysis TBA Seier
Behavioral transitions matrices TBA Seier, Joplin, and Moore
Introduction to mathematical modeling TBA Joyner, Haynes, and D. Knisley
Graph theory TBA D. Knisley