Undergraduate Degree Programs

Biology Major, B.S. (Standard Track - minor required)
Biology Major, B.S. (Biochemistry Concentration)
Biology Major, B.S. (no minor required)
Biology Major, B.S. (Secondary Education Track)
Biological Sciences Minor
Biology Minor

Required Courses:
BIOL 1110/1111. BIOL 1120/1121, BIOL 1130/1131 (12 credits), Biol 3100 General Genetics (3 credits), Upper level Biology Electives (9 credits)  . Upper level biology elective courses may be selected to reflect the student's interest.

Note  : Beginning in the Fall 2011, the Biological Sciences Department will no longer accept AP credits for BIOL 1110/11, BIOL 1120/21, or BIOL 1130/31 (Biology for Science Majors I, II, and III). We will accept AP credits for BIOL 1010/11 and BIOL 1020/21 (Biology for Non-majors I and II). 
Biology Checklist Biochemistry Concentration Checklist Secondary Education Biology Checklist
New for Fall 2014 : Advising Check List

All biology majors will be assigned an advisor and are required to see their advisor each semester to register for classes. Students that have not completed the biology core (BIOL 110/1111, 1120/1121, 1130/1131, BIOL 3100) will be advised at the Academic Resource Center (ARC) in the Culp Center. Students are to contact Joanna Cyrier by telephone at (423) 439-5256 or by email at for an appointment and for additional information visit their website . All students that have completed the biology core will be advised by , (423) 439-6922 .

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