Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements for Radio/ Television/ Film Students

As a Radio/Television/Film (RTVF) student, your major is Mass Communications, and your concentration is Radio/Television/Film. For graduation you must complete requirements at three levels:

University Graduation Requirements:

General Education

Proficiency Intensive Courses

Using Information Technology

College Degree Requirements:
Important changes occurred to Arts and Sciences degree requirements for these years:


List of requirements (available in PDF)

Explanation of requirements


List of requirements (also available in PDF)

Departmental Requirements:

Major Program Sheet

Minor Program Sheet

“General Education Requirements” include categories that all ETSU graduates have in common. The Tennessee Board of Regents approves the categories and individual courses after approval at ETSU by the General Education Advisory Council. For a list of the specific categories and courses, see , and select the catalog year under which you will graduate. Another post provides details about catalog year rules. For a list of requirements that apply to students entering ETSU in 2008-09 or later, see  Specific degree requirements for all students pursuing majors in the College of Arts & Sciences are published in each ETSU catalog ( The requirements for the BS-SBS program were modified with the 2008-09 catalog. If you are seeking this degree under an earlier catalog, contact Dan Brown ( about options for exceptions.

As a Mass Communications major, you must complete both a major and a minor, unless you complete two majors. A second major replaces the minor. Specific suggestions about selecting a minor or second major appear in a separate document.