Dr. Ray Mohseni

East Tennessee State University
Department of Chemistry
P. O. Box 70695
Johnson City, TN  37614
Phone:  423-439-6913
email:  mohseni@etsu.edu


Quality Control in a Bucket:

We are in the process of developing a safe and inexpensive method for quantifying PET flake residuals. The residuals are ethyl vinyl alcohol, nylon, and epoxy. The parties involved in this project are Association of Post Consumer Plastic Recyclers (APR), National Association for PET Container Resources and a number of APR-member companies.


Methods development on pesticide residue analysis on agricultural crops and water using different analytical instrumentation such as HPLC, GC/FID, GC/MS, and AA. Metabolism studies of the pesticides on beef tissues.

Representative Publications:

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-Simerly, T.; Milligan, T.; Mohseni, R,; Vasiliev, A. Immobilization of ethylene bis-indenyl ligands on functionalized silica gel. Tetr. Lett. 2012, DOE:10.1016/j.tetlet.2012.07.089.

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