Doug's Garlic Spinach with Pine Nuts

If you are in Johnson City, TN, there is a transcendental version of this that is served at Bella Vita, perhaps the best resturant in town. Go there. Eat there.

The Stuff That Goes in Them

  • lots of fresh spinach, well cleaned.
  • 2-3 T. of olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves: thinly sliced
  • pine nuts
  • 1 shallot: chopped (use green onions, in a pinch): optional
  • Kosher salt: to taste

What to do:
  • Clean the spinach and then put everything in a hot wok.

  • Cook until wilted, but not hammered!!

  • Serve by itself or with pasta. If you serve it with pasta, add a few drops of uncooked olive oil just before serving.

If you do a good salad first, and maybe some antipasta, you have a really fine meal.

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    Last updated: The Ides of March, 2001