Recent Masters Theses

Name Year Thesis Title
Derrick Angermeier 2013 A Problem of Perception: An Analysis of the Formation, Reception, and
Implementation of National Socialist Ideology in Germany, 1919 to 1939
John Wyatt Greenlee 2013 "Queen of All Islands": The Imagined Cartography of Matthew Paris's Britain
Zachary Lizèe 2013  Pietro Bembo's Bias: Patronage, History and the Italic Wars
Ronald J. McCall 2013 Never Quite Settled: Southern Plain Folk on the Move
Aaron Owens 2013 "The Price of a Woolworth's Burger": The Importance of the Nashville
Sit-ins and
  the Overshadowing of the Events with the Protests in
Wichita and Greensboro
Jason Phillips 2013 The Forgotten Footnote of the Second World War: An Examination of the
Historiography of Scandinavia during World War II
Jaqueline Shelton 2013

Evil Becomes Her: Prostitution's Transition from Necessary to Social Evil
in 19th Century America

Patrick Teye 2013

Barbary Piracy: Thomas Jefferson, William Eaton, and the Evolution of
U.S. Diplomacy in the Mediterranean

Niklas Trzaskowski 2013

From the Committee of 100 to the Committee to Re-elect the President:
The Political Campaigns of Richard M. Nixon

Kimberly Woodring 2013 Religion and Burial: Roman Domination, Celtic Acceptance,
or Mutual Understanding
Maurice Adkins 2012 "Decades of Progress": The Relevance of the State Supported Historically
Black Colleges and Universities
Jacob Owen Bryant 2012 The Invisible Enemy: The Effects of Polio on the American War
Effort during World War II, 1941-1945* 
Whitney Cate 2012 Forgotten Heroes:  Lessons from School Integration in a Small Southern Community
Julia Dittrich 2012 "We Have to Record the Downfall of Tyranny":  The London Times Perspective
  Napoleon Bonaparte's Invasion of Russia
Anna Wills Dowell 2012 "Tell Them I Don't Smoke Cigars":  The Making of Bonnie Parker
Steven Efremov 2012 The Role of Inflation in Soviet History: Prices, Living Standards, and Political Change
Jama McMurtrey Grove 2012  Uneasy Waters: The Night Riders at Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee, 1908 
Brandi McCloud 2012  Solidarity Forever: The Story of the Flint Sit-Down Strike and the Communist 
  from the Perspective of the Rank and File Autoworkers 
John Milstead 2012  Party of the Century: Juarez, Diaz, and the End of the "Unifying
Liberal Myth" in 1906 Oaxaca 
Casey Nash 2012  The Olympic Glory of Jesse Owens: A Contribution to Civil Rights and Society 
Nancy Perkins 2012  The Book of Enoch and Second Temple Judaism 
Eliza Love Shelton 2012 The Edenton Tea Party. 25 October 1774: A Patriotic Female Community
in Revolutionary North Carolina 


* Winner of the ETSU Graduate School Outstanding Thesis Award