Día del estudiante hispano

Hispanic Student Day

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Día del Estudiante Hispano
El miércoles 8 de octubre, ETSU auspiciará la 15a edición del Día del Estudiante Hispano. A partir de las  diez de la mañana, los estudiantes secundarios hispanos disfrutarán de una variedad de actividades que  incluirán una presentación de teatro bilingüe, una visita guiada por el campus de ETSU y un almuerzo  gratis en la cafetería “Main Meal”. Al mismo tiempo, recibirán información sobre las oportunidades de  estudios post-secundarios en ETSU, Milligan College, King university y North East State Community College.  Se invita a los estudiantes secundarios hispanos de tercer (junior) y cuarto (senior) año de todos los  condados vecinos a apreciar de cerca el campus de ETSU. Los estudiantes se reunirán a las 10 horas en el  auditorio Martha Street del Centro D. P. Culp. Por favor, confirme su participación escribiendo al LCRC,  lcrc@etsu.edu o llamando al 423-439-8342.



HSD 2013

Hispanic Student Day 2012  

Description of The Event

Hispanic Student Day is the LCRC’s response to the growing Hispanic population and its need for access to higher education.  Since its inception in 2001, the Hispanic Student Day has been completely planned, organized and directed by APS students or Tuition Scholar students who work in the LCRC, and it is fully staffed by ETSU students earning Service-Learning hours. This annual event brings over 100 local high school students of Hispanic heritage to the university for a one-day introduction to ETSU and campus life.  Its goal is to encourage Hispanic students to complete high school and further their education, since the Hispanic population is severely underrepresented in the professional workforce.

Representatives from several university offices including Admissions, Advisement, and Financial Aid give a brief presentation. A keynote motivational speech by a Hispanic professional encourages students to develop their abilities and open their eyes to the demand for bilingual professionals. 

14th Annual Hispanic Student Day October 23rd 2013

The Language and Culture Resource Office at ETSU invites you to participate at the 14th annual Hispanic Student Day, Wednesday, October 23rd at 10:00 a.m. in the Culp Center Auditorium.

This event seeks to instill confidence and encourage Hispanic students to further their education by attending a college or university once they complete their high school career. It is designed to bring Hispanic students to the University for an introduction to ETSU, and show them what we have to offer here, as well as to interest them in other universities or colleges. We typically have around 120 students in attendance.

The program for the day includes motivational speakers and videos, a bilingual theatrical presentation by students in the Latina American Theater Class, contact with Hispanic organizations and programs at ETSU, the XCELL Mentoring Program, and a career-oriented tour around campus. The purpose of these tours is to give the students a hands-on experience with ETSU career tracks. Students are asked to select two departments to visit, and will have a small group session with the professor(s) or mentor(s) in that field. This opportunity provides for personal interaction between ETSU faculty and the students, helping to solidify their decision to go on to higher education.

Currently, the following High Schools have confirmed their participation: Science Hill, David Crockett, Morristown East and West , Greenville and David Boom.
The tours confirmed around campus are: Library, CPA, Lucille Clement Hall, Slocumb Gallery, TV and Radio Studio, Nursing, ROTC (army), and the Early Childhood Department.

13th Annual Hispanic Student Day November 2012
On Monday, November 19th, East Tennessee State University hosted its 13th annual Hispanic Student Day at 10 a.m. in the Culp Center Auditorium. Hispanic Student Day was organized and directed by East Tennessee State University's Language and Culture Resource Center and is sure to be an eventful and informational experience for Hispanic students in northeast Tennessee.

Over 100 students will be in attendance, from eight different high schools in Johnson City and surrounding cities: Greenville, Unicoi County, Morristown, Kingsport and Elizabethton. The event includes motivational speakers, information about scholarships, financial aid, admissions and the application process. Organizations on campus, including the Hispanic American Student Community Alliance and Upward Bound, will also be participating in the event.

The program continues to receive support and sponsorship from North East State Technical Community College, Milligan College and King College.

Hispanic Student Day encourages students to graduate from high school and attend a post-secondary institution. Following the initial session in the Culp Center auditorium, the students will have a campus tour during which they will be able to talk one on one with professionals in various fields of study who will inform them regarding their particular interests, course of studies, and anything else they may want to know about the college experience. In addition to having a lunch on campus at the Main Meal, the students will have the opportunity to watch videos about how other Hispanic students have made it through college. This will be an important experience in their lives, and we are looking forward to receiving this new generation of students and help them follow their dream

12th Annual Hispanic Student Day October 2011
Coordinator: Peri Loftis
The 12th annual Hispanic Student Day was another great opportunity for students to experience college life. The day featured entertainment by the ETSU Bluegrass Band and the ETSU Aerial Silks class. Speakers from surrounding colleges and universities informed students about opportunities at their schools. Featuring a campus tour, free lunch for the students, and motivational speakers from the ETSU Men's Soccer Team, this event definitely encouraged students to continue their education.
Link to an article from East Tennessean: Hispanic Student Day Held
11th Annual Hispanic Student Day March 16, 2011
Organized by Elizabeth Ruggiero-Sparks, this Hispanic Student Day was a great success with about 100 Hispanic students present. The event opened with the ETSU Bluegrass Band performing. Students were addressed by representatives from ETSU, Northeast State, and King College. Two dance students performed a piece from their upcoming Spring Concert. The students were then taken in small groups on tours of the campus and back to the Culp Center for a lunch in the Marketplace, sponsored by NESCC, King College, and the LCRC.

10th Annual Hispanic Student Day  Spring 2010
This event was co-sponsored by North East State Community College and Milligan College. Dr. Bill Kirkwood gave the opening welcome speech to 120 students and their teachers and parents.  Over the years, entertainment has been provided by Dobbyns Bennett High School student dancers, the ETSU student Jazz Band, and the LCRC salsa dancers.

Article in the East Tennessean: http://www.easttennessean.com/hispanic-high-school-students-visit-etsu-1.2109727

Students enjoying lunch in the dining room of the Culp Center after their tours.

ETSU Bluegrass Band playing for the students in the Bud Frank Theatre.

Emily Goepel welcoming students to Hispanic Student Day in the foyer of the Bud Frank Theater.

Eli Ruggiero-Sparks, the organizer of the event, informing students about the agenda of the 2012 Hispanic Student Day

Maria Hernandez sharing the inspiring story of her childhood to the students as guest speaker for the 2011 Hispanic Student Day