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Mockingbird 2013 The editor for The Mockingbird's 2013 issue (our fortieth issue) is Catherine Pritchard Childress, who received a B.A. in English from East Tennessee State University while enrolled as a Midway Honors Scholar and then earned her M.A. in English. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The North American Review, The Connecticut Review, The Southern Poetry Anthology: Tennessee, and numerous other publications. Childress lives with her husband and three children in the shadow of Roan Mountain, Tennessee.


Mockingbird 2012 cover

The Mockingbird 2012 issue's editor is Sean Levenson, a graduate student in the Department of Literature and Language. Levenson was a member of last the 2011 reading staff. Before coming to ETSU, he served as a student editor for Kanawha Review, the student literary journal at his undergraduate alma mater, West Virginia State University.

The Editor-in-Chief for the 2010 issue of The Mockingbird was Jeff Holland, and the Editor-in-Chief for the 2011 issue was Jason Bacen. Due to production problems with the 2010 issue, The Mockingbird was not published as a single issue; however, the contents that were to appear in that issue are part of the expanded current issue appear in 2011. We deeply regret the circumstances that led to this situation and for that reason offer two different perspectives of the issue.

Mockingbird 2010-2011 The image to the left hyperlinks to the 2010-2011 issue of The Mockingbird as it was actually published. It features the format of the magazine as it will appear in the immediate future. The Mockingbird appreciates the efforts of Ms. Jeannette Henry of the ETSU Office of University Relations, who has designed our magazine's format.

Mockingbird 2010 The image to the left hyperlinks to The Mockingbird issue 2010 as it would have appeared in published form. We are pleased to be able to present this work.

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