SASCOL Call for Papers

Southern Appalachian Student Conference on Literature 2011
c/o Department of English
East Tennessee State University
P. O. Box 70683
Johnson City, TN 37614

Essay Submission Guidelines

Students from any academic discipline are eligible to submit material to this conference, but the submissions must be about literature.

Essays may address literature from any genre, region, or historic period.

Completed essays should be approximately 10-12 (ten to twelve) pages in length, for a reading time of 15 (fifteen) minutes. Panel chairs will assure that scheduled presenters will get their fair reading time assigned to them.

Paper documentation should follow either the MLA or the APA formats.

We wish to follow a blind submission policy. Student name, address, phone numbers, and essay title should be on the cover sheet. The essay’s title should also be on the first page of the essay, but the student name should not appear anywhere but the cover sheet.

Abstracts of 250 words should reach our offices by April 30, 2011.

The completed essay should reach our offices by July 17, 2011. Your completed registration form should accompany your essay.

Papers accepted for conference presentation will be listed on the SASCOL website by August 1, 2011, and we will contact accepted student presenters by that time.

Students must have completed registration and have paid fees by September 1, 2011.

SASCOL 2011 is scheduled for September 24.