SASCOL Keynote Speaker

Dr. Colleen Glenn’s title for her talk is “Beauty to Beast: the Rebirth of Mickey Rourke.” Dr. Glenn's talk deals with the actor Mickey Rourke, whose unusual career dramatizes the collapse of the public-private binary in the star body. Looking at the two halves of Rourke’s film career, interrupted by an unsuccessful attempt at professional boxing in the early 1990s and redeemed by his comeback role in The Wrestler (2008), Glenn examines how his personal and screen lives intersect in predictable yet also paradoxical ways, in a complicated web of authenticity and artificiality, hypermasculinity, and tortured abjection.  Her work on Rourke will appear in Star Bodies and the Erotics of Suffering (forthcoming, Wayne State UP, 2015), co-edited with Rebecca Bell-Metereau.

Dr. Colleen Glenn

Dr. Glenn is an Assistant Professor at the College of Charleston (SC), where she teaches courses in film studies and composition. Dr. Glenn, whose research interests include star studies and masculinity studies, received her Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky, where she completed a dissertation on Jimmy Stewart’s post-WWII films and their relationship to war trauma. Dr. Glenn’s essay “Which Woody Allen?” was published in the anthology A Companion to Woody Allen (Blackwell, 2013) and an essay on Stewart has been published in the Quarterly Review of Film and Video. Currently, Dr. Glenn and Dr. Rebecca Bell-Metereau are editing a collection of essays on movie stars entitled Star Bodies and the Erotics of Suffering (forthcoming, Wayne State UP, 2015).

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