"Panoramas and Prospects"

The Grove Park Inn
Asheville, North Carolina
February 23-25, 2012


Anyone wishing to submit a proposal for one of the following panels should send that proposal directly to the session chair as listed by December 31, 2011. If you wish to propose a paper that does not fit in one of the following panels, or if you wish to propose a new panel, please send that proposal directly to Phyllis Thompson at by December 31, 2011.

Aerial Views: The Third Dimension in Eighteenth-Century Art and Literature.
(Baerbel Czennia: )

Enlargement of Mind: Philosophical, Political, and Religious.
(Michael James Matthis: )

Open Secrets: Women�s Lives as Fare for Fiction.
(Joanne Cord ón: )

The Vistas of 18th-Century Fiction.
(Murray L. Brown: )

Religion in the Age of Enlightenment.
(Brett McInelly: )

Overlooked Texts.
(Colby H. Kullman: )

Hume and the Usual Suspects.
(James Mock: )

Long-Distance Views: Imaging or Describing or Detecting the Far Away.
(Kevin L. Cope: )

Sense and Sensibility at 200: A Look at the Novel, Austen, and Her Works.
(Kit Kincade: )

Keeping the Fools in Play: Money, Finance, and Credit in the Long-Eighteenth Century.
(Dwight Codr: )

Tricks of the Trade: Stagecraft and Culture, High, Low, and Popular.
(Phyllis Thompson: )

Le panorama du désir.
(William Crooke: )

CLARISSA: All Things to All People.
(Murray L. Brown: )

Shakespeare in the Long Eighteenth Century.
(Robert Sawyer: )

Atlantic Panoramas, Circum-Atlantic Prospects.
(Keith Sandiford: )

Women in the Eighteenth Century: Vistas of Virtue and Vanity.
(Karen Dodson: )

Balladry and Popular Music-Making: Perspectives of Music in Eighteenth-Century Life.
(Stacey Jocoy: )

Anticipating the Long Eighteenth Century: Vistas in Literature and the Arts.
(Gloria Eive: )

Communities of Women in the Long Eighteenth Century.
(Phyllis Thompson: )

Alexander Pope and the Scriblerians.
Robert Steensma:

Die Sehnsucht nach Anschaulichkeit: Panorama and Desire.
(William Crooke: )

Early American Narratives.
(Theresa A. Lloyd: )

Animals and Views on Animals in the Long Eighteenth Century.
(Kathleen Grover: )

Interdisciplinary Approaches.
(Kathryn Stasio: )

Classic and Modern Vistas.
(Susan Spencer: )

Children's Literature in the Long Eighteenth-Century.
(Phyllis Thompson: )